Vol. E91-B, No. 4 April 2008

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A Stopping Criterion for Low-Density Parity-Check Codes PDF
Donghyuk SHIN, Jeongseok HA, Kyoungwoo HEO, Hyuckjae LEE 1145-1148
Power Control of Turbo Coded System in Lognormal Shadowing Channel PDF
Sung-Joon PARK 1149-1152
Energy Consumption Analysis of the S-MAC Protocol with Contending Nodes under Unsaturated Conditions PDF
Seokjin SUNG, Seok WOO, Kiseon KIM 1153-1157
Packet Detection for Zero-Padded OFDM Transmission PDF
Kyu-Min KANG 1158-1160
Media Access Time-Rearrangement of Wireless LAN for a Multi-Radio Collocated Platform PDF
Sang-Heon SHIN, Chul KIM, Sang Kyu PARK 1161-1163
Establishing Multiple Paths for Multihoming on SCTP in MANET PDF
Ki-Il KIM 1164-1167
Performance Comparison of Binary Search Tree and Framed ALOHA Algorithms for RFID Anti-Collision PDF
Wen-Tzu CHEN 1168-1171
Performance Evaluation of Adaptive Probabilistic Search in P2P Networks PDF
Haoxiang ZHANG, Lin ZHANG, Xiuming SHAN, Victor O.K. LI 1172-1175
Joint Receive Antenna Selection for Multi-User MIMO Systems with Vector Precoding PDF
Wei MIAO, Yunzhou LI, Shidong ZHOU, Jing WANG, Xibin XU 1176-1179
Iterative Decoding Algorithm in the Adaptive Modulation and Coding System with MIMO Schemes PDF
Sangjin RYOO, Kyunghwan LEE, Cheolwoo YOU, Intae HWANG 1180-1184
Full-Rate STBCs from Coordinate Interleaved Orthogonal Designs in Time-Selective Fading Channels PDF
Hoojin LEE, Jeffrey G. ANDREWS, Edward J. POWERS 1185-1189
A Novel Energy Saving Algorithm with Frame Response Delay Constraint in IEEE 802.16e PDF
Dinh Thi Thuy NGA, MinGon KIM, Minho KANG 1190-1193
PAPR Reduction of OFDM Signals Using Genetic Algorithm PTS Technique PDF
Sung-Soo KIM, Myoung-Je KIM, T. Aaron GULLIVER 1194-1197
A Partitioned-SLM with Low Complexity for OFDM PAPR Reduction PDF
Suckchel YANG, Yoan SHIN 1198-1202
Channel Estimation and ICI Cancellation for OFDM Systems in Fast Time-Varying Environments PDF
Likun ZOU, Qing CHANG, Chundi XIU, Qishan ZHANG 1203-1206
A New Blind Equalization Method Based on Negentropy Minimization for Constant Modulus Signals PDF
Sooyong CHOI, Jong-Moon CHUNG, Wun-Cheol JEONG 1207-1210
Downlink Coverage and Capacity of a Distributed Repeater System in a WCDMA Multicell Environment PDF
JaeSeon JANG, NohHoon MYUNG 1211-1214
Evaluation of Digital-to-RF Upconversion Transmitter Using Harmonic Images of DAC Output PDF
Minseok KIM, Tatsuo FUJI, Takafumi NAKABAYASHI, Hiroyuki ARAI 1215-1218
Efficient Transmit Power Allocation with Partial Feedback for Closed-Loop SQRD Based V-BLAST Systems PDF
Hoiyoon JUNG, Jongsub CHA, Hyuckjae LEE 1219-1222
A Novel Precoding Design for MIMO Broadcast Channel PDF
Huan SUN, Xiaohu YOU 1223-1226
Rate Adaptation Based on Collision Probability for IEEE 802.11 WLANs PDF
Taejoon KIM, Jong-Tae LIM 1227-1230
On the Achievable Efficiency-Fairness Tradeoff in Utility-Optimal MAC Protocols PDF
Jang-Won LEE, Mung CHIANG, A. Robert CALDERBANK 1231-1234
Wideband DOA Estimation Using a Frequency-Domain Frequency-Invariant Beamformer and a Matrix Pencil Method PDF
Jinhwan KOH, Weiwei ZHOU, Taekon KIM 1235-1238
Investigation of Electromagnetic Characteristics for Mobile Handsets with Monopole-Type and Inverted-F Wire Antennas PDF
Jeong I. KIM, Dongweon YOON 1239-1242
Restorability of Rayleigh Backscatter Traces Measured by Coherent OTDR with Precisely Frequency-Controlled Light Source PDF
Mutsumi IMAHAMA, Yahei KOYAMADA, Kazuo HOGARI 1243-1246
Motion Information Inferring Scheme for Multi-View Video Coding PDF
Han-Suh KOO, Yong-Joon JEON, Byeong-Moon JEON 1247-1250
Physical Database Design for Efficient Time-Series Similarity Search PDF
Sang-Wook KIM, Jinho KIM, Sanghyun PARK 1251-1254


Quick Vegas: Improving Performance of TCP Vegas for High Bandwidth-Delay Product Networks PDF
Yi-Cheng CHAN, Chia-Liang LIN, Cheng-Yuan HO 987-997
Clear Channel Assessment in Ultra-Wideband Sensor Networks PDF
Bin ZHEN, Huan-Bang LI, Ryuji KOHNO 998-1005
Signal Strength Based Energy Efficient Routing for Ad Hoc Networks PDF
Masaki BANDAI, Satoshi NAKAYAMA, Takashi WATANABE 1006-1014
Performance Models for MPI Collective Communications with Network Contention PDF
Hyacinthe NZIGOU MAMADOU, Takeshi NANRI, Kazuaki MURAKAMI 1015-1024
Channel-Aware Distributed Throughput-Based Fair Queueing for Wired and Wireless Packet Communication Networks PDF
Sang-Yong KIM, Hideaki TAKAGI 1025-1033
A Unified Handover Management Scheme Based on Frame Retransmissions for TCP over WLANs PDF
Kazuya TSUKAMOTO, Shigeru KASHIHARA, Yuji OIE 1034-1046
A Practical Method for UHF RFID Interrogation Area Measurement Using Battery Assisted Passive Tag PDF
Jin MITSUGI, Osamu TOKUMASU 1047-1054
Orthogonal Multi-Carrier DS-CDMA with Frequency-Domain Equalization PDF
Ken TANAKA, Hiromichi TOMEBA, Fumiyuki ADACHI 1055-1062
Power and Rate Adaptation Based on Imperfect Channel Estimation over MIMO Fading Channels PDF
Alireza KOBRAVI, Mohammad SHIKH- BAHAEI 1063-1067
Resource and Performance Evaluations of Fixed Point QRD-RLS Systolic Array through FPGA Implementation PDF
Yoshiaki YOKOYAMA, Minseok KIM, Hiroyuki ARAI 1068-1075
A Low-Complexity Bock Linear Smoothing Channel Estimation for SIMO-OFDM Systems without Cyclic Prefix PDF
Jung-Lang YU, Chia-Hao CHEN 1076-1083
Studies on an Iterative Frequency Domain Channel Estimation Technique for MIMO-UWB Communications PDF
Masaki TAKANASHI, Yasutaka OGAWA, Toshihiko NISHIMURA, Takeo OHGANE 1084-1094
Channel Estimation Technique Assisted by Postfixed PN Sequences with Zero Padding for Wireless OFDM Communications PDF
Jung-Shan LIN, Hong-Yu CHEN, Jia-Chin LIN 1095-1102
Anti-Interference Receiver Structures for Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Signals PDF
Li-Der JENG, Fang-Biau UENG 1103-1111
MIMO-OFDM MAP Receiver with Spatial-Temporal Filters Employing Decision-Directed Recursive Eigenvalue Decomposition Parameter Estimation PDF
Fan LISHENG, Kazuhiko FUKAWA, Hiroshi SUZUKI, Satoshi SUYAMA 1112-1121
Performance Analysis of IEEE 802.11 DCF and IEEE 802.11e EDCA in Non-saturation Condition PDF
Tae Ok KIM, Kyung Jae KIM, Bong Dae CHOI 1122-1131
Experimental Analysis and Site-Specific Modeling of Channel Parameters at Mobile Station in an Urban Macrocellular Environment PDF
Kriangsak SIVASONDHIVAT, Jun-ichi TAKADA, Ichirou IDA, Yasuyuki OISHI 1132-1144