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Vol. E89-B, No. 4 April 2006 A Full-Diversity Full-Rate Space-Time Block Code Design for Three Transmit Antennas Details
Seung Hoon NAM, Jaehak CHUNG, Chan-Soo HWANG
Vol. E90-B, No. 12 December 2007 A Fully Integrated SoC with Digital MAC Processor and Transceiver for Ubiquitous Sensor Network at 868/915 MHz Details
Dong-Sun KIM, Hae-Moon SEO, Seung-Yerl LEE, Yeon-Kug MOON, Byung-Soo KIM, Tae-Ho HWANG, Duck-Jin CHUNG
Vol. E88-B, No. 9 September 2005 A Game-Theoretical Power and Rate Control for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks with Step-up Price Details
Qing CHEN, Zhisheng NIU
Vol. E91-B, No. 2 February 2008 A General Model for Performance Evaluation in DS-CDMA Systems with Variable Spreading Factors Details
Vol. E91-B, No. 5 May 2008 A Generalizable Methodology for Quantifying User Satisfaction Details
Te-Yuan HUANG, Kuan-Ta CHEN, Polly HUANG, Chin-Laung LEI
Vol. E88-B, No. 1 January 2005 A Generalized Performance Study of DS-CDMA Uplink/Downlink Receivers in Nakagami Wideband Fading Channel Details
Vol. E90-B, No. 12 December 2007 A Generic Localized Broadcast Framework in Mobile Ad Hoc Ubiquitous Sensor Networks Details
Hui XU, Brian J. D' AURIOL, Jinsung CHO, Sungyoung LEE, Byeong-Soo JEONG
Vol. E91-B, No. 11 November 2008 A GMM-Based Target Classification Scheme for a Node in Wireless Sensor Networks Details
Youngsoo KIM, Sangbae JEONG, Daeyoung KIM
Vol. E91-B, No. 11 November 2008 A Good IDS Response Protocol of MANET Containment Strategies Details
Bo-Chao CHENG, Huan CHEN, Ryh-Yuh TSENG
Vol. E90-B, No. 9 September 2007 A GRID Computer Implementation of the Multilevel Fast Multipole Algorithm for Full-Wave Analysis of Optical Devices Details
Vol. E88-B, No. 4 April 2005 A Heuristic Session Distribution Algorithm for Switch with Multiple Output Links Details
Jaehong SHIM, Jangbok KIM, Kyunghee CHOI, Gihyun JUNG
Vol. E91-B, No. 2 February 2008 A Heuristic Traffic Load Balanced (HTLB) Channel Sharing Method for Metro-WDMA Networks Details
Changho YUN, Kiseon KIM
Vol. E89-B, No. 12 December 2006 A Hierarchical Key Management Scheme for Authentication of Roaming Mobile Nodes between Domains in Mobile Networks Details
Kihun HONG, Souhwan JUNG
Vol. E90-B, No. 10 October 2007 A Hierarchical Service Management System for MPLS Network Services Details
Kenji KUMAKI, Ikuo NAKAGAWA, Kenichi NAGAMI, Tomohiko OGISHI, Shigehiro ANO
Vol. E91-B, No. 7 July 2008 A High-Rate Space-Time Block Code with Full Diversity Details
Zhenzhen GAO, Shihua ZHU, Zhimeng ZHONG
Vol. E88-B, No. 12 December 2005 A High-Resolution Frequency-Offset Estimator for OFDM-Based WLAN Systems Details
Sekchin CHANG
Vol. E90-B, No. 6 June 2007 A High-Resolution Imaging Algorithm without Derivatives Based on Waveform Estimation for UWB Radars Details
Shouhei KIDERA, Takuya SAKAMOTO, Toru SATO
Vol. E89-B, No. 4 April 2006 A Humidity-Control Method for Preventing Insulation Failure in Surge Protectors Details
Etsuko TOYODA, Morihiko MATSUMOTO, Tomoyuki FUJITA, Kenichi SHIOI, Kazuaki YANO, Masamitsu WATANABE, Toshihiro ICHINO, Yoshimori MIYATA, Nobuo KUWAKI
Vol. E90-B, No. 3 March 2007 A Hybrid ARQ Using Double Binary Turbo Codes Details
Jeong Woo LEE, Woo Suk KWON
Vol. E89-B, No. 8 August 2006 A Hybrid FEC Method Using Packet-Level Convolution and Reed-Solomon Codes Details
Vol. E91-B, No. 9 September 2008 A Hybrid Greedy Routing with Location Information for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Details
Hiroshi NAKAGAWA, Kazuyuki NAKAMARU, Tomoyuki OHTA, Yoshiaki KAKUDA
Vol. E91-B, No. 11 November 2008 A Hybrid P2P Overlay Network for Non-strictly Hierarchically Categorized Content Details
Vol. E91-B, No. 7 July 2008 A Joint Method of Cell Searching and DoA Estimation for a Mobile Relay Station with Beamforming Antennas Details
Yo-Han KO, Yong-Soo CHO
Vol. E88-B, No. 10 October 2005 A Light Call Admission Control with Inter-Cell and Inter-Service Fairness in Heterogeneous Packet Radio Networks Details
Ki-Il KIM, Sang-Ha KIM
Vol. E91-B, No. 3 March 2008 A Lightweight Radial Line Slot Antenna with Honeycomb Structure for Space Use Details
Hideki UEDA, Jiro HIROKAWA, Makoto ANDO, Osamu AMANO, Yukio KAMATA
Vol. E88-B, No. 9 September 2005 A Link Heterogeneity-Aware On-Demand Routing (LHAOR) Protocol Utilizing Local Update and RSSI Information Details
Suhua TANG, Bing ZHANG, Masahiro WATANABE, Shinsuke TANAKA
Vol. E89-B, No. 10 October 2006 A Localized Route Discovery for On-Demand Routing Protocols in Event-Driven Wireless Sensor Networks Details
Dong-Hyun CHAE, Kyu-Ho HAN, Kyung-Soo LIM, Sae-Young AHN, Sun-Shin AN
Vol. E90-B, No. 1 January 2007 A Low Complexity Algorithm for Azimuth/Elevation Angle Estimation by Using Alternate Subspace Projections Details
Yung-Yi WANG
Vol. E91-B, No. 1 January 2008 A Low Complexity MMSE Equalizer for OFDM Systems over Time-Varying Channels Details
Shaoping CHEN, Guangfa DAI, Hongwen TANG
Vol. E90-B, No. 6 June 2007 A Low Complexity Tree-Structure Based User Scheduling Algorithm for Up-Link Multi-User MIMO Systems Details
Junyi WANG, Kiyomichi ARAKI, Zhongzhao ZHANG, Yuyuan CHANG, Houtao ZHU, Tsuyoshi KASHIMA
Vol. E90-B, No. 12 December 2007 A Low Power Real-Time Packet Scheduling Scheme on Wireless Local Area Networks Details
Mikyung KANG, Dong-In KANG, Jinwoo SUH, Junghoon LEE
Vol. E90-B, No. 10 October 2007 A Low Profile Folded Inverted-L Antenna for T-DMB/UHF Handset Application Details
Seung Gil JEON, Won Sub KIM, Jae Hoon CHOI
Vol. E91-B, No. 4 April 2008 A Low-Complexity Bock Linear Smoothing Channel Estimation for SIMO-OFDM Systems without Cyclic Prefix Details
Jung-Lang YU, Chia-Hao CHEN
Vol. E91-B, No. 7 July 2008 A Low-Complexity Frequency Offset Insensitive Detection for 2.45 GHz LR-WPAN Details
Jung-Su HAN, Hyung-Jin CHOI
Vol. E88-B, No. 1 January 2005 A Low-Complexity Stopping Criterion for Iterative Turbo Decoding Details
Dong-Soo LEE, In-Cheol PARK
Vol. E89-B, No. 1 January 2006 A Low-Complexity Turbo Equalizer for OFDM Communication Systems Details
Alexander N. LOZHKIN, Mitsuhiro AZUMA, Tomohiko TANIGUCHI
Vol. E90-B, No. 9 September 2007 A Mathematical Analysis on Error Propagation of EREC and Its Application to Optimal Channel-Matched Searching Pattern for Robust Transmission of Coded Video Details
Yong-Goo KIM, Yungho CHOI, Yoonsik CHOE
Vol. E91-B, No. 11 November 2008 A Media Access Protocol for Proactive Presence Discovery in Ubiquitous Wireless Networks Details
Vol. E89-B, No. 6 June 2006 A Message-Efficient Mobility Management Scheme for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Details
Han NAMGOONG, Dongman LEE, Dukyun NAM
Vol. E91-B, No. 6 June 2008 A Method for Converting Amplitude Probability Distribution of Disturbance from One Measurement Frequency to Another Details
Vol. E88-B, No. 6 June 2005 A Method for Detecting Shallowly Buried Landmines Using Sequential GPR Data Details
Masahiko NISHIMOTO, Ken-ichiro SHIMO
Vol. E88-B, No. 2 February 2005 A Method of Bandwidth Dimensioning and Management Using Flow Statistics Details
Ryoichi KAWAHARA, Keisuke ISHIBASHI, Takuya ASAKA, Shuichi SUMITA, Takeo ABE
Vol. E89-B, No. 7 July 2006 A Method of Intercell Carrier Frequency-Offset Estimation and Cell-Searching for Downlink in OFDM-Based Cellular Systems Details
Kyung Won PARK, Yong Soo CHO
Vol. E90-B, No. 9 September 2007 A Method of Measuring Gain in Liquids Based on the Friis Transmission Formula in the Near-Field Region Details
Nozomu ISHII, Takuhei AKAGAWA, Ken-ichi SATO, Lira HAMADA, Soichi WATANABE
Vol. E91-B, No. 6 June 2008 A Method to Transform Rainfall Rate to Rain Attenuation and Its Application to 21 GHz Band Satellite Broadcasting Details
Susumu NAKAZAWA, Shoji TANAKA, Kazuyoshi SHOGEN
Vol. E89-B, No. 6 June 2006 A Microstrip Phase Shifter Design Using a Switch-Loaded Ground Plate Details
Dowon KIM, Moonil KIM
Vol. E88-B, No. 1 January 2005 A MIMO-OFDM Receiver Employing the Low-Complexity Turbo Equalization in Multipath Environments with Delay Difference Greater than the Guard Interval Details
Satoshi SUYAMA, Hiroshi SUZUKI, Kazuhiko FUKAWA
Vol. E91-B, No. 3 March 2008 A Mitigation Technique of High-Power MAI in the Multimedia Optical CDMA System with the Optical Power Selector Details
Vol. E89-B, No. 9 September 2006 A Mobile Agent-Based Framework for Rapidly Building and Managing Application-Specific Overlay Networks Details
Ichiro SATOH
Vol. E88-B, No. 7 July 2005 A Model and Evaluation of Route Optimization in Nested NEMO Environment Details
Hyung-Jin LIM, Dong-Young LEE, Tae-Kyung KIM, Tai-Myoung CHUNG
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