Vol. E89-C, No. 5 May 2006

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Table of Contents


Fumio HORIGUCHI 577-577


Diffraction Amplitudes from Periodic Neumann Surface: Low Grazing Limit of Incidence PDF
Junichi NAKAYAMA, Kazuhiro HATTORI, Yasuhiko TAMURA 642-644
Implementation of the Perfect Matched Layer to the CIP Method PDF
Yoshiaki ANDO, Masashi HAYAKAWA 645-648
A Bootstrapped Switch for nMOS Reversible Energy Recovery Logic for Low-Voltage Applications PDF
Seokkee KIM, Soo-Ik CHAE 649-652
Instruction Based Synthesizable Testbench Architecture PDF
Ho-Seok CHOI, Hae-Wook CHOI, Sin-Chong PARK 653-657


Novel Structures for a 2-Bit per Cell of Nonvolatile Memory Using an Asymmetric Double Gate PDF
Kuk-Hwan KIM, Hyunjin LEE, Yang-Kyu CHOI 578-584
A True 10-bit Data Driver LSI for HDTV TFT-LCDs PDF
Jin-Ho KIM, Oh-Kyong KWON, Byong-Deok CHOI 585-590
High Performance Power MOSFETs by Wing-Cell Structure Design PDF
Feng-Tso CHIEN, Chien-Nan LIAO, Chi-Ling WANG, Hsien-Chin CHIU 591-595
Ultrathin HfOxNy Gate Insulator Formation by Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ar/N2 Plasma Nitridation of HfO2 Thin Films PDF
Shun-ichiro OHMI, Tomoki KUROSE, Masaki SATOH 596-601
3D Inspection on Wafer Solder Bumps Using Binary Grating Projection in Integrated Circuit Manufacturing PDF
Shu YUAN, Dongping TIAN, Yanxing ZENG 602-607
High Power GaN-HEMT for Wireless Base Station Applications PDF
Toshihide KIKKAWA, Kazukiyo JOSHIN 608-615
Comparative Study on Breakdown Characteristics for InGaAs Metamorphic High Electron Mobility Transistor and InGaAs/InP-Composite Channel Metamorphic High Electron Mobility Transistor PDF
Seok Gyu CHOI, Jung Hun OH, Bok Hyung LEE, Byeong Ok LIM, Sung Woon MOON, Dong Hoon SHIN, Sam Dong KIM, Jin Koo RHEE 616-621
Multi-Stage, Multi-Way Microstrip Power Dividers with Broadband Properties PDF
Mitsuyoshi KISHIHARA, Isao OHTA, Kuniyoshi YAMANE 622-629
A 10b 100 MS/s 1.4 mm2 56 mW 0.18 µm CMOS A/D Converter with 3-D Fully Symmetrical Capacitors PDF
Byoung-Han MIN, Young-Jae CHO, Hee-Sung CHAE, Hee-Won PARK, Seung-Hoon LEE 630-635
An Embedded 8b 240 MS/s 1.36 mm2 104 mW 0.18 µm CMOS ADC for DVDs with Dual-Mode Inputs PDF
Young-Jae CHO, Se-Won KIM, Kyung-Hoon LEE, Hee-Cheol CHOI, Young-Lok KIM, Seung-Hoon LEE 636-641