Vol. E88-A, No. 6 June 2005

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Hisakazu KIKUCHI 1393-1393


Enhanced RBF Network by Using ART2 Algorithm and Fuzzy Control Method PDF
Kwang-Baek KIM, Sung-Kwan JE, Young-Ju KIM 1497-1501
Performance Evaluation of a Two-Processor Scheduling Method for Acyclic SWITCH-less Program Nets PDF
Qi-Wei GE, Chen LI, Mitsuru NAKATA 1502-1506
A Simple Estimation of the Rotation Parameter for the 2-Axes Stabilization System PDF
Dong-Noh KIM, Ki-Hong KIM, Tae-Yeon JUNG, Duk-Gyoo KIM 1507-1511
Complex EGI Based 3D-Mesh Watermarking PDF
Jong-Won LEE, Suk-Hwan LEE, Ki-Ryong KWON, Kuhn-Il LEE 1512-1519
A Novel Image Enhancement Algorithm for a Small Target Detection of Panoramic Infrared Imagery PDF
Ju-Young KIM, Ki-Hong KIM, Hee-Chul HWANG, Duk-Gyoo KIM 1520-1524
Anchor Frame Detection in News Video Using Anchor Object Extraction PDF
Ki Tae PARK, Doo Sun HWANG, Young Shik MOON 1525-1528
Background-Adjusted Weber-Fechner Fraction Considering Crispening Effect PDF
Dong-Ha LEE, Chan-Ho HAN, Kyu-Ik SOHNG 1529-1532
A Simple Bit Allocation Scheme Based on Adaptive Coding for MIMO-OFDM Systems with V-BLAST Detector PDF
Jongwon KIM, Sanhae KIM, Min-Cheol HONG, Yoan SHIN 1533-1537
A Rapid and Reliable Signal Acquisition Scheme for Indoor UWB Systems PDF
Suckchel YANG, Jongok OH, Yoan SHIN 1538-1542
Interface for Barge-in Free Spoken Dialogue System Combining Adaptive Sound Field Control and Microphone Array PDF
Tatsunori ASAI, Hiroshi SARUWATARI, Kiyohiro SHIKANO 1613-1618
Fuzzy Training Algorithm for Wavelet Codebook Based Text-Independent Speaker Identification PDF
Shung-Yung LUNG 1619-1621
Combiner-Based MOS OTAs PDF
Koichi TANNO, Kenya KONDO, Okihiko ISHIZUKA, Takako TOYAMA 1622-1625
Stabilizing a Class of Nonlinear Systems Based on Approximate Feedback Linearization PDF
Ho-Lim CHOI, Jong-Tae LIM 1626-1630
Finding All DC Operating Points of Piecewise-Linear Circuits Containing Neither Voltage nor Current Controlled Resistors PDF
Kiyotaka YAMAMURA, Daiki KAYA 1631-1634


A Basic Study on a Very Low-Level DC Current Amplifier Using a Switched-Capacitor Circuit PDF
Hiroki HIGA, Naoki NAKAMURA, Ikuo NAKAMURA 1394-1400
A Basic Study on Noise Source Modeling for a Very Low-Level DC Current Amplifier PDF
Hiroki HIGA, Jun IWAKI, Ikuo NAKAMURA 1401-1407
TMR-Based Logic-in-Memory Circuit for Low-Power VLSI PDF
Akira MOCHIZUKI, Hiromitsu KIMURA, Mitsuru IBUKI, Takahiro HANYU 1408-1415
Clock-Free MTCMOS Flip-Flops with High Speed and Low Power PDF
Bong Hyun LEE, Young Hwan KIM, Kwang-Ok JEONG 1416-1424
A New Application-Specific PLD Architecture PDF
Jae-Jin LEE, Gi-Yong SONG 1425-1433
A Method of Guaranteeing Image-Quality for Quantization-Based Watermarking Using a Nonorthogonal Transformation PDF
Masaaki FUJIYOSHI, Osamu WATANABE, Hitoshi KIYA 1434-1442
A Design of Real-Time JPEG Encoder for 1.4 Mega Pixel CMOS Image Sensor SoC PDF
Kyeong-Yuk MIN, Jong-Wha CHONG 1443-1447
The Efficient and Robust Error Resilient Entropy Coding of Compressed Image for Wireless Communications PDF
Jeong-Sig KIM, Ju-Do KIM, Keun-Young LEE 1448-1454
Proposal of a Simple Synchronization Method for CSK/SS PDF
Azumi ITO, Hiromasa HABUCHI, Fumie ONO 1455-1461
A Reasonable Throughput Analysis of the CSK/SSMA Unslotted ALOHA System with Nonorthogonal Sequences PDF
Nobuyoshi KOMURO, Hiromasa HABUCHI 1462-1468
Analysis on Channel Estimation for the Equalization in ATSC DTV Receivers PDF
Hyoung-Nam KIM, Sung Ik PARK, Seung Won KIM 1469-1475
New Method of Moving Control for Wireless Endoscopic Capsule Using Electrical Stimuli PDF
Hee-Joon PARK, Jyung-Hyun LEE, Yeon-Kwan MOON, Young-Ho YOON, Chul-Ho WON, Hyun-Chul CHOI, Jin-Ho CHO 1476-1480
An Optimization Method for Investment and Maintenance Planning of Power Plants under Uncertain Environments PDF
Keiichi HANDA, Shigeru MATSUMOTO, Masashi NAKAMOTO, Naoshi UCHIHIRA 1481-1486
A Flexible and Efficient Workflow Change Type: Selective Shift PDF
Shingo YAMAGUCHI, Akira MISHIMA, Qi-Wei GE, Minoru TANAKA 1487-1496
A New Method for Solving the Permutation Problem of Frequency-Domain Blind Source Separation PDF
Xuebin HU, Hidefumi KOBATAKE 1543-1548
High-Speed Low Input Impedance CMOS Current Comparator PDF
Varakorn KASEMSUWAN, Surachet KHUCHAROENSIN 1549-1553
New Encoding /Converting Methods of Binary GA/Real-Coded GA PDF
Jong-Wook KIM, Sang Woo KIM 1554-1564
Crosstalk and Congestion Driven Layer Assignment Algorithm PDF
Bin LIU, Yici CAI, Qiang ZHOU, Xianlong HONG 1565-1572
A Distributed Task Assignment Algorithm with the FCFS Policy in a Logical Ring PDF
Atsushi SASAKI 1573-1582
On the Orthogonal Drawing of Outerplanar Graphs PDF
Kumiko NOMURA, Satoshi TAYU, Shuichi UENO 1583-1588
An Addition Algorithm in Jacobian of C34 Curve PDF
Seigo ARITA 1589-1598
A Cycle Search Algorithm Based on a Message-Passing for the Design of Good LDPC Codes PDF
Sang Hyun LEE, Kwang Soon KIM, Yun Hee KIM, Jae Young AHN 1599-1604
Application of Successive Interference Cancellation to a Packet-Recognition/Code-Acquisition Scheme in CDMA Unslotted ALOHA Systems PDF
Yukihiro TADOKORO, Hiraku OKADA, Takaya YAMAZATO, Masaaki KATAYAMA 1605-1612