Vol. E89-A, No. 2 February 2006

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Table of Contents


Akira YUKAWA 361-361


A Reliable Low-Voltage Low-Distortion MOS Analog Switch PDF
Chun-Yueh YANG, Chung-Chih HUNG 456-458
Linear and Compact Floating Node Voltage-Controlled Variable Resistor Circuit PDF
Muneo KUSHIMA, Motoi INABA, Koichi TANNO 459-460
Design Considerations for RC Polyphase Filters with Simultaneously Equal Ripple Both in Stopband and Passband PDF
Hiroaki TANABE, Hiroshi TANIMOTO 461-464
A Practical Analog BIST Cooperated with an LSI Tester PDF
Takanori KOMURO, Naoto HAYASAKA, Haruo KOBAYASHI, Hiroshi SAKAYORI 465-468
A New Asymmetric Watermarking Scheme for Copyright Protection PDF
Guo-fu GUI, Ling-ge JIANG, Chen HE 611-614
Reducing Stopband Peak Errors of R-Regular 4th-Band Linear Phase FIR Filters by Superimposing PDF
LinnAung PE, Toshinori YOSHIKAWA, Yoshinori TAKEI, Xi ZHANG, Yasunori SUGITA 615-619
New Size-Reduced Visual Secret Sharing Schemes with Half Reduction of Shadow Size PDF
Ching-Nung YANG, Tse-Shih CHEN 620-625
Partial Key Exposure Attacks on Unbalanced RSA with the CRT PDF
Hee Jung LEE, Young-Ho PARK, Taekyoung KWON 626-629
A Butterfly Structure for Rate 2/n Convolutional Codes PDF
ChauYun HSU, Tsung Sheng KUO 630-632
Binary Zero-Correlation Zone Sequence Set Constructed from an M-Sequence PDF
Takafumi HAYASHI 633-638
Merging of Systolic Messy Arrays Based on Data Flows PDF
Makio ISHIHARA, Hironori KIDA, Minoru TANAKA 639-643


Four-Quadrant-Input Linear Transconductor Employing Source and Sink Currents Pair for Analog Multiplier PDF
Masakazu MIZOKAMI, Kawori TAKAKUBO, Hajime TAKAKUBO 362-368
A New Linear Transconductor Combining a Source Coupled Pair with a Transconductor Using Bias-Offset Technique PDF
Isamu YAMAGUCHI, Fujihiko MATSUMOTO, Makoto IZUMA, Yasuaki NOGUCHI 369-376
New Current-Mirror Sense Amplifier Design for High-Speed SRAM Applications PDF
Chun-Lung HSU, Mean-Hom HO, Chin-Feng LIN 377-384
A Novel False Lock Detection Technique for a Wide Frequency Range Delay-Locked Loop PDF
Yasutoshi AIBARA, Eiki IMAIZUMI, Hiroaki TAKAGISHI, Tatsuji MATSUURA 385-390
An Efficient Approach to Build Accurate Behavioral Models of PLL Designs PDF
Chin-Cheng KUO, Yu-Chien WANG, Chien-Nan Jimmy LIU 391-398
Analysis of the Clock Jitter Effects in a Time Invariant Model of Continuous Time Delta Sigma Modulators PDF
Hossein SHAMSI, Omid SHOAEI, Roghayeh DOOST 399-407
Communication Scheme for a Highly Collision-Resistive RFID System PDF
Yohei FUKUMIZU, Shuji OHNO, Makoto NAGATA, Kazuo TAKI 408-415
Analog Integrated Circuit for Detection of an Approaching Object with Simple-Shape Recognition Based on Lower Animal Vision PDF
Kimihiro NISHIO, Hiroo YONEZU, Yuzo FURUKAWA 416-427
A Two-Dimensional Network of Analog Circuits for Motion Detection Based on the Frog Visual System PDF
Kimihiro NISHIO, Hiroo YONEZU, Yuzo FURUKAWA 428-438
An Adjoint Network Approach for RLCG Interconnect Model Order Reductions PDF
Chia-Chi CHU, Herng-Jer LEE, Ming-Hong LAI, Wu-Shiung FENG 439-447
The Oct-Touched Tile: A New Architecture for Shape-Based Routing PDF
Ning FU, Shigetoshi NAKATAKE, Yasuhiro TAKASHIMA, Yoji KAJITANI 448-455
Transient Analysis of Complex-Domain Adaptive Threshold Nonlinear Algorithm (c-ATNA) for Adaptive Filters in Applications to Digital QAM Systems PDF
Shin'ichi KOIKE 469-478
Noise Spectrum Estimation with Entropy-Based VAD in Non-stationary Environments PDF
Bing-Fei WU, Kun-Ching WANG 479-485
Least-Squares Linear Smoothers from Randomly Delayed Observations with Correlation in the Delay PDF
A Class of Two-Dimensional Signal Having a Flat Power Spectrum and a Low Peak Factor PDF
Takafumi HAYASHI 494-502
A Noise Reduction System for Wideband and Sinusoidal Noise Based on Adaptive Line Enhancer and Inverse Filter PDF
Naoto SASAOKA, Keisuke SUMI, Yoshio ITOH, Kensaku FUJII, Arata KAWAMURA 503-510
An Adaptive Algorithm with Variable Step-Size for Parallel Notch Filter PDF
Arata KAWAMURA, Youji IIGUNI, Yoshio ITOH 511-519
Sensitivity of Time Response to Characteristic Ratios PDF
Youngchol KIM, Keunsik KIM, Shunji MANABE 520-527
An Enhanced BSA for Floorplanning PDF
Jyh Perng FANG, Yang-Shan TONG, Sao Jie CHEN 528-534
An Algorithm to Calculate Correlation Coefficients between Interconnect Delays for Use in Statistical Timing Analysis PDF
Shuji TSUKIYAMA, Masahiko TOMITA 535-543
An A* Algorithm with a New Heuristic Distance Function for the 2-Terminal Shortest Path Problem PDF
Kazuaki YAMAGUCHI, Sumio MASUDA 544-550
An Approximation Algorithm for Minimum Certificate Dispersal Problems PDF
Hua ZHENG, Shingo OMURA, Koichi WADA 551-558
High-Speed Design of Montgomery Inverse Algorithm over GF(2m) PDF
Ming-Der SHIEH, Jun-Hong CHEN, Chien-Ming WU 559-565
Concurrent Error Detection in Montgomery Multiplication over GF(2m) PDF
Che-Wun CHIOU, Chiou-Yng LEE, An-Wen DENG, Jim-Min LIN 566-574
On the Convergence of Loopy Belief Propagation Algorithm for Different Update Rules PDF
Nobuyuki TAGA, Shigeru MASE 575-582
Parity Placement Schemes to Facilitate Recovery from Triple Column Disk Failure in Disk Array Systems PDF
Chih-Shing TAU, Tzone- I WANG 583-591
Independent Row-Oblique Parity for Double Disk Failure Correction PDF
Chih-Shing TAU, Tzone- I WANG 592-599
Decision Aided Hybrid MMSE/SIC Multiuser Detection: Structure and AME Performance Analysis PDF
Hoang-Yang LU, Wen-Hsien FANG 600-610