Vol. E90-A, No. 8 August 2007

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Hitoshi KIYA 1503-1503


High Accuracy Bicubic Interpolation Using Image Local Features PDF
Shuai YUAN, Masahide ABE, Akira TAGUCHI, Masayuki KAWAMATA 1611-1615
Linearization of Loudspeaker Systems Using a Subband Parallel Cascade Volterra Filter PDF
Hideyuki FURUHASHI, Yoshinobu KAJIKAWA, Yasuo NOMURA 1616-1619
Delayed Perturbation Bounds for Receding Horizon Controls PDF
ChoonKi AHN, PyungSoo KIM 1704-1706
Separatrix Conception for Trajectory Analysis of Analog Networks Design in Minimal Time PDF
Alexander M. ZEMLIAK 1707-1712
Theoretical Investigation on Required Number of Bits for Monochrome Density Images on High-Luminance Electronic Display PDF
Junji SUZUKI, Isao FURUKAWA 1713-1716
Lossless Data Hiding Based on Companding Technique and Difference Expansion of Triplets PDF
ShaoWei WENG, Yao ZHAO, Jeng-Shyang PAN 1717-1718
Building Systolic Messy Arrays for Infinite Iterative Algorithms PDF
Makio ISHIHARA 1719-1723


Explicit Formula for Predictive FIR Filters and Differentiators Using Hahn Orthogonal Polynomials PDF
Saed SAMADI, Akinori NISHIHARA 1511-1518
POCS-Based Texture Reconstruction Method Using Clustering Scheme by Kernel PCA PDF
Takahiro OGAWA, Miki HASEYAMA 1519-1527
Players Clustering Based on Graph Theory for Tactics Analysis Purpose in Soccer Videos PDF
Hirofumi KON, Miki HASEYAMA 1528-1533
Image Magnification by a Compact Method with Preservation of Preferential Components PDF
Akira HIRABAYASHI 1534-1541
Audio-Based Shot Classification for Audiovisual Indexing Using PCA, MGD and Fuzzy Algorithm PDF
Naoki NITANDA, Miki HASEYAMA 1542-1548
A New Adaptive Filter Algorithm for System Identification Using Independent Component Analysis PDF
Jun-Mei YANG, Hideaki SAKAI 1549-1554
Improvement of the Stability and Cancellation Performance for the Active Noise Control System Using the Simultaneous Perturbation Method PDF
Yukinobu TOKORO, Yoshinobu KAJIKAWA, Yasuo NOMURA 1555-1563
Bandwidth Extension with Hybrid Signal Extrapolation for Audio Coding PDF
Chatree BUDSABATHON, Akinori NISHIHARA 1564-1569
Stereophonic Acoustic Echo Canceler Based on Two-Filter Scheme PDF
Noriaki MURAKOSHI, Akinori NISHIHARA 1570-1578
Robust F0 Estimation Based on Complex LPC Analysis for IRS Filtered Noisy Speech PDF
Keiichi FUNAKI, Tatsuhiko KINJO 1579-1586
Speech Enhancement Based on MAP Estimation Using a Variable Speech Distribution PDF
Yuta TSUKAMOTO, Arata KAWAMURA, Youji IIGUNI 1587-1593
Simple but Efficient Antenna Selection for MISO-OFDM Systems PDF
Shuichi OHNO, Kenichi YAMAGUCHI, Kok Ann Donny TEO 1594-1600
New Simultaneous Timing and Frequency Synchronization Utilizing Matched Filters for OFDM Systems PDF
Shigenori KINJO, Hiroshi OCHI 1601-1610
Vibration Modeling and Design of Piezoelectric Floating Mass Transducer for Implantable Middle Ear Hearing Devices PDF
Eung-Pyo HONG, Min-Kyu KIM, Il-Yong PARK, Seung-ha LEE, Yongrae ROH, Jin-Ho CHO 1620-1627
An Efficient Speech Enhancement Algorithm for Digital Hearing Aids Based on Modified Spectral Subtraction and Companding PDF
Young Woo LEE, Sang Min LEE, Yoon Sang JI, Jong Shill LEE, Young Joon CHEE, Sung Hwa HONG, Sun I. KIM, In Young KIM 1628-1635
Design of M-Channel Perfect Reconstruction Filter Banks with IIR-FIR Hybrid Building Blocks PDF
Shunsuke IWAMURA, Taizo SUZUKI, Yuichi TANAKA, Masaaki IKEHARA 1636-1643
VLSI Architecture for the Low-Computation Cycle and Power-Efficient Recursive DFT/IDFT Design PDF
Lan-Da VAN, Chin-Teng LIN, Yuan-Chu YU 1644-1652
A Parallel Implementation of the PBSGDS Method for Solving CBAU Optimization Problems PDF
Shieh-Shing LIN 1653-1660
A SPICE-Oriented Nonexistence Test for DC Solutions of Nonlinear Circuits PDF
Wataru KUROKI, Kiyotaka YAMAMURA 1661-1668
A Dual-Mode Bluetooth Transceiver with a Two-Point-Modulated Polar-Loop Transmitter and a Frequency-Offset-Compensated Receiver PDF
Takashi OSHIMA, Masaru KOKUBO 1669-1678
A Fast Computational Optimization Method: Univariate Dynamic Encoding Algorithm for Searches (uDEAS) PDF
Jong-Wook KIM, Sang Woo KIM 1679-1689
Comparison of Maude and SAL by Conducting Case Studies Model Checking a Distributed Algorithm PDF
Kazuhiro OGATA, Kokichi FUTATSUGI 1690-1703

Invited Papers

Adaptive Processing over Distributed Networks PDF
Ali H. SAYED, Cassio G. LOPES 1504-1510