Vol. E91-A, No. 5 May 2008

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Table of Contents


A Simple Adaptive Algorithm for Principle Component and Independent Component Analysis PDF
Hyun-Chool SHIN, Hyoung-Nam KIM, Woo-Jin SONG 1265-1267
A Closed Form Solution to L2-Sensitivity Minimization of Second-Order State-Space Digital Filters PDF
Shunsuke YAMAKI, Masahide ABE, Masayuki KAWAMATA 1268-1273
A Global Stability Analysis of a Class of Nolinear Time-Delay Systems Using Continued Fraction Property PDF
Joon-Young CHOI 1274-1277
Efficient Calculation of the Transition Matrix in a Max-Plus Linear State-Space Representation PDF
Hiroyuki GOTO 1278-1282
Extended MPEG Video Format for Efficient Dynamic Voltage Scaling PDF
Kwanhu BANG, Sung-Yong BANG, Eui-Young CHUNG 1283-1287
Binary Constant Weight Codes Based on Cyclic Difference Sets PDF
Nian LI, Xiangyong ZENG, Lei HU 1288-1292
Performance of Multiband OFDM Systems with Extra Diversity PDF
Jee-Hyun KIM, Sang-Tae KIM, Hyoung-Kyu SONG, Young-Hwan YOU 1293-1295
Improved Fine Frequency Synchronization Method for OFDM-Based DRM PDF
Young-Hwan YOU, Sang-Tae KIM, Kyung-Taek LEE, Hyoung-Kyu SONG 1296-1298


Identity-Based Encryptions with Tight Security Reductions to the BDH Problem PDF
Mototsugu NISHIOKA 1241-1252
A Digital Signature Scheme Based on NP-Complete Lattice Problems PDF
Shunichi HAYASHI, Mitsuru TADA 1253-1264