Vol. E91-A, No. 6 June 2008

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Shoji MAKINO 1301-1302
Seiichiro HANGAI 1367-1368


Fast Convergence Blind Source Separation Using Frequency Subband Interpolation by Null Beamforming PDF
Keiichi OSAKO, Yoshimitsu MORI, Yu TAKAHASHI, Hiroshi SARUWATARI, Kiyohiro SHIKANO 1357-1361
Sound Reproduction System Robust against Environmental Variation by Switching Control Band Range PDF
Yosuke TATEKURA, Takeshi WATANABE 1362-1366
Factors of Incomplete Adaptation for Color Reproduction Considering Subjective White Point Shift for Varying Illuminant PDF
Sung-Hak LEE, Myoung-Hwa LEE, Kyu-Ik SOHNG 1438-1442
A Study about the Relationship between Frame Quality and Single Video Quality PDF
Yoshikazu KAWAYOKE, Yuukou HORITA 1443-1445
A New Method for Estimating Intra Prediction Mode in H.264/AVC PDF
Dae-Yeon KIM, Dong-Kyun KIM, Yung-Lyul LEE 1529-1532
Optimizing Markov Model Parameters for Asynchronous Impulsive Noise over Broadband Power Line Communication Network PDF
Tan-Hsu TAN, San-Yuan HUANG, Ching-Su CHANG, Yung-Fa HUANG 1533-1536
Conditional Converge Cast PDF
Daisuke INOUE, Keisuke TANAKA 1537-1540
Bit-Depth Scalable Video Coding Based on H.264/AVC PDF
Sangseok PARK, K.R. RAO 1541-1544


Localization Model of Synthesized Sound Image Using Precedence Effect in Sound Field Reproduction Based on Wave Field Synthesis PDF
Toshiyuki KIMURA, Yoko YAMAKATA, Michiaki KATSUMOTO, Kazuhiko KAKEHI 1310-1319
Auditory Artifacts due to Switching Head-Related Transfer Functions of a Dynamic Virtual Auditory Display PDF
Makoto OTANI, Tatsuya HIRAHARA 1320-1328
Rapid Compensation of Temperature Fluctuation Effect for Multichannel Sound Field Reproduction System PDF
Yuki YAI, Shigeki MIYABE, Hiroshi SARUWATARI, Kiyohiro SHIKANO, Yosuke TATEKURA 1329-1336
A Two-Microphone Noise Reduction Method in Highly Non-stationary Multiple-Noise-Source Environments PDF
Junfeng LI, Masato AKAGI, Yoiti SUZUKI 1337-1346
Robust Frequency Domain Acoustic Echo Cancellation Filter Employing Normalized Residual Echo Enhancement PDF
Suehiro SHIMAUCHI, Yoichi HANEDA, Akitoshi KATAOKA 1347-1356
Image Quality Assessment for Color Halftone Images Based on Color Structural Similarity PDF
JunHak LEE, Takahiko HORIUCHI 1392-1399
A Development of the TFT-LCD Image Defect Inspection Method Based on Human Visual System PDF
Jong-Hwan OH, Byoung-Ju YUN, Se-Yun KIM, Kil-Houm PARK 1400-1407
A Masking Model for Motion Sharpening Phenomenon in Video Sequences PDF
Akira FUJIBAYASHI, Choong Seng BOON 1408-1415
Identification of Piecewise Linear Uniform Motion Blur PDF
Karn PATANUKHOM, Akinori NISHIHARA 1416-1425
Wavelet Based Multipurpose Color Image Watermarking by Using Dual Watermarks with Human Vision System Models PDF
Min-Jen TSAI, Chih-Wen LIN 1426-1437
A New Matrix Method for Reconstruction of Band-Limited Periodic Signals from the Sets of Integrated Values PDF
Predrag PETROVIC 1446-1454
Artificial Spiking Neurons and Analog-to-Digital-to-Analog Conversion PDF
Hiroyuki TORIKAI, Aya TANAKA, Toshimichi SAITO 1455-1462
Self-Organizing Map with False-Neighbor Degree between Neurons for Effective Self-Organization PDF
Haruna MATSUSHITA, Yoshifumi NISHIO 1463-1469
Low-Complexity Parallel Systolic Montgomery Multipliers over GF(2m) Using Toeplitz Matrix-Vector Representation PDF
Chiou-Yng LEE 1470-1477
Fast Custom Instruction Identification Algorithm Based on Basic Convex Pattern Model for Supporting ASIP Automated Design PDF
Kang ZHAO, Jinian BIAN, Sheqin DONG, Yang SONG, Satoshi GOTO 1478-1487
A Construction of Lossy Source Code Using LDPC Matrices PDF
Shigeki MIYAKE, Jun MURAMATSU 1488-1501
On the Minimum Weight of Simple Full-Length Array LDPC Codes PDF
Kenji SUGIYAMA, Yuichi KAJI 1502-1508
A Combination of Adaptive Equalizer and LMS-RAKE Combining Scheme for DS-UWB System PDF
Keat Beng TOH, Shin'ichi TACHIKAWA 1509-1515
A Pre-Emptive Horizontal Channel Borrowing and Vertical Traffic Overflowing Channel Allocation Scheme for Overlay Networks PDF
Fang-ming ZHAO, Ling-ge JIANG, Chen HE 1516-1528

Invited Papers

Calculating Inverse Filters for Speech Dereverberation PDF
Masato MIYOSHI, Marc DELCROIX, Keisuke KINOSHITA 1303-1309
The Interaction of Art, Technology and Customers in Picture Making PDF
John J. MCCANN, Yoichi MIYAKE 1369-1382
Image and Video Quality Assessment Using LCD: Comparisons with CRT Conditions PDF
Sylvain TOURANCHEAU, Patrick LE CALLET, Dominique BARBA 1383-1391