Vol. E91-A, No. 9 September 2008

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Ryuhei UEHARA 2283-2283
Hisato FUJISAKA 2394-2395


Pulse Wave Propagation in a Large Number of Coupled Bistable Oscillators PDF
Kuniyasu SHIMIZU, Tetsuro ENDO, Daishin UEYAMA 2540-2545
New Quasi-Deadbeat FIR Smoother for Discrete-Time State-Space Signal Models: An LMI Approach PDF
ChoonKi AHN 2671-2674
Derivation of Excess Mean-Square Error for Affine Projection Algorithms Using the Condition Number PDF
Chang Woo LEE, Hyeonwoo CHO, Sang Woo KIM 2675-2677
Global Asymptotic Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems with Unknown Growth Rate by Adaptive Controller PDF
Ho-Lim CHOI 2678-2681
Two-Quadrant CMOS Plug-in Divider PDF
Kuo-Jen LIN 2682-2684
On the Gray Image of Cyclic Codes over Finite Chain Rings PDF
Jianfa QIAN, Wenping MA, Xinmei WANG 2685-2687
Motion Evaluation for Rehabilitation Training of the Disabled PDF
Tae-young KIM, Jun PARK, Cheol-Su LIM 2688-2690


A Compact Encoding of Rectangular Drawings with Efficient Query Supports PDF
Katsuhisa YAMANAKA, Shin-ichi NAKANO 2284-2291
(d+1,2)-Track Layout of Bipartite Graph Subdivisions PDF
Miki MIYAUCHI 2292-2295
An Optimal Parallel Algorithm for Constructing a Spanning Forest on Trapezoid Graphs PDF
Hirotoshi HONMA, Shigeru MASUYAMA 2296-2300
New Graph Calculi for Planar Non-3-Colorable Graphs PDF
Yoichi HANATANI, Takashi HORIYAMA, Kazuo IWAMA, Suguru TAMAKI 2301-2307
Performance Analysis of a Collision Detection Algorithm of Spheres Based on Slab Partitioning PDF
Takashi IMAMICHI, Hiroshi NAGAMOCHI 2308-2313
Formulas for Counting the Numbers of Connected Spanning Subgraphs with at Most n+1 Edges in a Complete Graph Kn PDF
Peng CHENG, Shigeru MASUYAMA 2314-2321
Post-Silicon Clock-Timing Tuning Based on Statistical Estimation PDF
Yuko HASHIZUME, Yasuhiro TAKASHIMA, Yuichi NAKAMURA 2322-2327
Worst Case Analysis for Pickup and Delivery Problems with Transfer PDF
Yoshitaka NAKAO, Hiroshi NAGAMOCHI 2328-2334
A Recursive Padding Technique on Nondeterministic Cellular Automata PDF
Chuzo IWAMOTO, Harumasa YONEDA, Kenichi MORITA, Katsunobu IMAI 2335-2340
Space-Efficient Algorithm for Image Rotation PDF
Tetsuo ASANO, Shinnya BITOU, Mitsuo MOTOKI, Nobuaki USUI 2341-2348
Secure Multiparty Computation for Comparator Networks PDF
Gembu MOROHASHI, Koji CHIDA, Keiichi HIROTA, Hiroaki KIKUCHI 2349-2355
Deterministic Polynomial Time Equivalence between Factoring and Key-Recovery Attack on Takagi's RSA PDF
Noboru KUNIHIRO, Kaoru KUROSAWA 2356-2364
On a Fast (k,n)-Threshold Secret Sharing Scheme PDF
Jun KURIHARA, Shinsaku KIYOMOTO, Kazuhide FUKUSHIMA, Toshiaki TANAKA 2365-2378
Reduction Optimal Trinomials for Efficient Software Implementation of the ηT Pairing PDF
Toshiya NAKAJIMA, Tetsuya IZU, Tsuyoshi TAKAGI 2379-2386
Computing the Ate Pairing on Elliptic Curves with Embedding Degree k=9 PDF
Xibin LIN, Chang-An ZHAO, Fangguo ZHANG, Yanming WANG 2387-2393
A Fuzzy Estimation Theory for Available Operation of Extremely Complicated Large-Scale Network Systems PDF
Kazuo HORIUCHI 2396-2402
Performance Consensus Problem of Multi-Agent Systems with Multiple State Variables PDF
Naoki HAYASHI, Toshimitsu USHIO 2403-2410
Replicator Dynamics with Dynamic Payoff Reallocation Based on the Government's Payoff PDF
Takafumi KANAZAWA, Hayato GOTO, Toshimitsu USHIO 2411-2418
Sparse and Passive Reduced-Order Interconnect Modeling by Eigenspace Method PDF
Yuichi TANJI 2419-2425
Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization Algorithm --- Based on Nonlinear Programming --- PDF
Masayoshi ODA, Yoshihiro YAMAGAMI, Junji KAWATA, Yoshifumi NISHIO, Akio USHIDA 2426-2434
Analysis and Identification of Wiener-Hammerstein System in Frequency Domain Using Two-Tone Measurements for Nonlinear RF Transmitters PDF
Hyunchul KU 2435-2441
An Algebraic Approach to Guarantee Harmonic Balance Method Using Grobner Base PDF
Masakazu YAGI, Takashi HISAKADO, Kohshi OKUMURA 2442-2449
Matrix Order Reduction by Nodal Analysis Formulation and Relaxation-Based Fast Simulation for Power/Ground Plane PDF
Tadatoshi SEKINE, Yuichi TANJI, Hideki ASAI 2450-2455
Exploring Partitions Based on Search Space Smoothing for Heterogeneous Multiprocessor System PDF
Kang ZHAO, Jinian BIAN, Sheqin DONG, Yang SONG, Satoshi GOTO 2456-2464
A 12-bit 3.7-Msample/s Pipelined A/D Converter Based on the Novel Capacitor Mismatch Calibration Technique PDF
Shuaiqi WANG, Fule LI, Yasuaki INOUE 2465-2474
Noise-Induced Synchronization among Sub-RF CMOS Analog Oscillators for Skew-Free Clock Distribution PDF
Akira UTAGAWA, Tetsuya ASAI, Tetsuya HIROSE, Yoshihito AMEMIYA 2475-2481
Generating Stochastic Processes Based on the Finitary Interval Algorithm PDF
Hiroshi FUJISAKI 2482-2488
Performance of Coherent Receivers for PCTH-Based UWB System with Diversiform Modulation Schemes PDF
Yun-rui GONG, Di HE, Chen HE, Ling-ge JIANG 2489-2496
Transient Stability Enhancement of Power Systems by Lyapunov- Based Recurrent Neural Networks UPFC Controllers PDF
Chia-Chi CHU, Hung-Chi TSAI, Wei-Neng CHANG 2497-2506
Robust Adaptive Control of Nonlinear Systems with Time-Varying Parameters and Its Application to Chua's Circuit PDF
Finding Major Patterns of Aging Process by Data Synchronization PDF
Takaya MIYANO, Takako TSUTSUI 2514-2519
Fuzzy c-Means Algorithms for Data with Tolerance Using Kernel Functions PDF
Yuchi KANZAWA, Yasunori ENDO, Sadaaki MIYAMOTO 2520-2534
Conditional Lyapunov Exponent Depending on Spectrum of Input Noise in Common-Noise-Induced Synchronization PDF
Shin-itiro GOTO, Kazuyuki YOSHIMURA, Peter DAVIS 2535-2539
Light Weight MP3 Watermarking Method for Mobile Terminals PDF
Koichi TAKAGI, Shigeyuki SAKAZAWA, Yasuhiro TAKISHIMA 2546-2554
Wavelet-Based Speech Enhancement Using Time-Adapted Noise Estimation PDF
Sheau-Fang LEI, Ying-Kai TUNG 2555-2563
Realization of Low Power High-Speed Channel Filters with Stringent Adjacent Channel Attenuation Specifications for Wireless Communication Receivers PDF
Jimson MATHEW, R. MAHESH, A.P. VINOD, Edmund M-K. LAI 2564-2570
Realization of Multi-Delay Filter Using Fermat Number Transforms PDF
Hamzé Haidar ALAEDDINE, El Houssaïn BAGHIOUS, Guillaume MADRE, Gilles BUREL 2571-2577
A Performance Comparison of the Parallel Preconditioners for Iterative Methods for Large Sparse Linear Systems Arising from Partial Differential Equations on Structured Grids PDF
Sangback MA 2578-2587
Attacking 44 Rounds of the SHACAL-2 Block Cipher Using Related-Key Rectangle Cryptanalysis PDF
Jiqiang LU, Jongsung KIM 2588-2596
On Backward-Style Anonymity Verification PDF
Yoshinobu KAWABE, Ken MANO, Hideki SAKURADA, Yasuyuki TSUKADA 2597-2606
Compression Function Design Principles Supporting Variable Output Lengths from a Single Small Function PDF
Donghoon CHANG, Mridul NANDI, Jesang LEE, Jaechul SUNG, Seokhie HONG, Jongin LIM, Haeryong PARK, Kilsoo CHUN 2607-2614
New Sequences with Low Correlation and Large Family Size PDF
Fanxin ZENG 2615-2625
Robust Linear Transmit/Receive Processing for Correlated MIMO Downlink with Imperfect CSI PDF
Hao LI, Changqing XU, Pingzhi FAN 2626-2636
On Equalization for Direct Sequence-Ultra Wideband System Using Received Response Code Sequence PDF
Keat Beng TOH, Shin'ichi TACHIKAWA 2637-2645
Multiple Access Interference Reduction Using Received Response Code Sequence for DS-CDMA UWB System PDF
Keat Beng TOH, Shin'ichi TACHIKAWA 2646-2654
Adaptive Selection and Rearrangement of Wavelet Packets for Quad-Tree Image Coding PDF
Hsi-Chin HSIN, Tze-Yun SUNG 2655-2662
A Theoretical Analysis of On-Line Learning Using Correlated Examples PDF
Chihiro SEKI, Shingo SAKURAI, Masafumi MATSUNO, Seiji MIYOSHI 2663-2670