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Vol. E89-A, No. 11 November 2006 A SPICE-Oriented Method for Finding DC Operating Points of Nonlinear Circuits Containing Piecewise-Linear Macromodels Details
Wataru KUROKI, Kiyotaka YAMAMURA
Vol. E90-A, No. 8 August 2007 A SPICE-Oriented Nonexistence Test for DC Solutions of Nonlinear Circuits Details
Wataru KUROKI, Kiyotaka YAMAMURA
Vol. E88-A, No. 12 December 2005 A Standard Cell-Based Frequency Synthesizer with Dynamic Frequency Counting Details
Pao-Lung CHEN, Chen-Yi LEE
Vol. E89-A, No. 8 August 2006 A State Space Compression Method Based on Multivariate Analysis for Reinforcement Learning in High-Dimensional Continuous State Spaces Details
Hideki SATOH
Vol. E89-A, No. 5 May 2006 A Steepest Descent Algorithm for M-Convex Functions on Jump Systems Details
Kazuo MUROTA, Ken'ichiro TANAKA
Vol. E88-A, No. 12 December 2005 A Step-by-Step Implementation Method of the Bit-Serial Reed-Solomon Encoder Details
Jinsoo BAE, Hiroyuki MORIKAWA
Vol. E89-A, No. 6 June 2006 A Stereo Echo Canceler with Input Slides and Counter-Lateralization Details
Vol. E90-A, No. 5 May 2007 A Stochastic Dynamic Local Search Method for Learning Multiple-Valued Logic Networks Details
Qiping CAO, Shangce GAO, Jianchen ZHANG, Zheng TANG, Haruhiko KIMURA
Vol. E90-A, No. 7 July 2007 A Straight-Line Extractable Non-malleable Commitment Scheme Details
Vol. E88-A, No. 1 January 2005 A Strength Evaluation of a Pseudorandom Number Generator MUGI against Linear Cryptanalysis Details
Hiroki SEKINE, Tetsuro NOSAKA, Yasuo HATANO, Masaki TAKEDA, Toshinobu KANEKO
Vol. E89-A, No. 12 December 2006 A Structural Approach for Transistor Circuit Synthesis Details
Hiroaki YOSHIDA, Makoto IKEDA, Kunihiro ASADA
Vol. E91-A, No. 6 June 2008 A Study about the Relationship between Frame Quality and Single Video Quality Details
Yoshikazu KAWAYOKE, Yuukou HORITA
Vol. E90-A, No. 1 January 2007 A Study of Blind Message Authentication Codes Details
Chanathip NAMPREMPRE, Gregory NEVEN, Michel ABDALLA
Vol. E91-A, No. 4 April 2008 A Study on Channel Estimation Using Two-Dimensional Interpolation Filters for Mobile Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting Details
Yusuke SAKAGUCHI, Yuhei NAGAO, Masayuki KUROSAKI, Hiroshi OCHI
Vol. E90-A, No. 1 January 2007 A Study on Higher Order Differential Attack of KASUMI Details
Nobuyuki SUGIO, Hiroshi AONO, Sadayuki HONGO, Toshinobu KANEKO
Vol. E90-A, No. 11 November 2007 A Study on Link Adaptation Scheme with Multiple Code Words for Spectral Efficiency Improvement on OFDM-MIMO Systems Details
Yasuaki YUDA, Katsuhiko HIRAMATSU, Masayuki HOSHINO, Koichi HOMMA
Vol. E89-A, No. 9 September 2006 A Study on Non-octave Scalable Image Coding and Its Performance Evaluation Using Digital Cinema Test Material Details
Takayuki NAKACHI, Tomoko SAWABE, Junji SUZUKI, Tetsuro FUJII
Vol. E91-A, No. 11 November 2008 A Study on Possibility of Detecting IEEE802.15.4a Signals for Spectrum Sharing Details
Vol. E89-A, No. 12 December 2006 A Sub-mW H.264 Baseline-Profile Motion Estimation Processor Core with a VLSI-Oriented Block Partitioning Strategy and SIMD/Systolic-Array Architecture Details
Junichi MIYAKOSHI, Yuichiro MURACHI, Tetsuro MATSUNO, Masaki HAMAMOTO, Takahiro IINUMA, Tomokazu ISHIHARA, Hiroshi KAWAGUCHI, Masayuki MIYAMA, Masahiko YOSHIMOTO
Vol. E91-A, No. 3 March 2008 A Subsampling-Based Digital Image Watermarking Scheme Resistant to Permutation Attack Details
Chuang LIN, Jeng-Shyang PAN, Chia-An HUANG
Vol. E88-A, No. 7 July 2005 A Subspace Blind Identification Algorithm with Reduced Computational Complexity--Colored Noise Case-- Details
Nari TANABE, Toshihiro FURUKAWA, Kohichi SAKANIWA, Shigeo TSUJII
Vol. E90-A, No. 4 April 2007 A Surjective Mapping from Permutations to Room-to-Room Floorplans Details
Vol. E88-A, No. 11 November 2005 A Survey of Object-Oriented Petri Nets and Analysis Methods Details
Toshiyuki MIYAMOTO, Sadatoshi KUMAGAI
Vol. E90-A, No. 4 April 2007 A Tableau Construction Approach to Control Synthesis of FSMs Using Simulation Relations Details
Yoshisato SAKAI
Vol. E91-A, No. 9 September 2008 A Theoretical Analysis of On-Line Learning Using Correlated Examples Details
Chihiro SEKI, Shingo SAKURAI, Masafumi MATSUNO, Seiji MIYOSHI
Vol. E88-A, No. 7 July 2005 A Timing Synchronization Method with Low-Volume DSP for OFDM Packet Transmission Systems Details
Ryota KIMURA, Ryuhei FUNADA, Hiroshi HARADA, Manabu SAWADA, Shoji SHINODA
Vol. E89-A, No. 6 June 2006 A Transcutaneous Recharging System with the Function of Bi-directional Signal Transmission for Fully-Implantable Middle Ear Hearing Devices Details
Il-Yong PARK, Hyung-Gyu LIM, Young-Ho YOON, Min-Kyu KIM, Byung-Seop SONG, Jin-Ho CHO
Vol. E90-A, No. 7 July 2007 A Tree-Based Channel Assignment and Sibling-Aware Routing Protocol for Multi-Channel Wireless Mesh Networks Details
Bing ZHANG, Mehdad N. SHIRAZI, Kiyohiko HATTORI
Vol. E90-A, No. 11 November 2007 A Tree-Structured Blind Algorithm for Joint Parametric Channel Estimation and Non-coherent Data Detection in an OFDM-CDMA Wireless System with Antenna Arrays Details
Yung-Yi WANG, Shih-Jen YANG, Jiunn-Tsair CHEN
Vol. E89-A, No. 2 February 2006 A Two-Dimensional Network of Analog Circuits for Motion Detection Based on the Frog Visual System Details
Vol. E91-A, No. 6 June 2008 A Two-Microphone Noise Reduction Method in Highly Non-stationary Multiple-Noise-Source Environments Details
Junfeng LI, Masato AKAGI, Yoiti SUZUKI
Vol. E89-A, No. 4 April 2006 A Two-Stage Method for Single-Channel Speech Enhancement Details
Mohammad E. HAMID, Takeshi FUKABAYASHI
Vol. E88-A, No. 1 January 2005 A Typical Profile of the k-Error Linear Complexity for Balanced Binary Sequences with Period 2n Details
Takayasu KAIDA
Vol. E90-A, No. 2 February 2007 A Unified Framework of Subspace Identification for D.O.A. Estimation Details
Akira TANAKA, Hideyuki IMAI, Masaaki MIYAKOSHI
Vol. E91-A, No. 12 December 2008 A Unified Test Compression Technique for Scan Stimulus and Unknown Masking Data with No Test Loss Details
Vol. E89-A, No. 1 January 2006 A Universally Composable Secure Channel Based on the KEM-DEM Framework Details
Waka NAGAO, Yoshifumi MANABE, Tatsuaki OKAMOTO
Vol. E88-A, No. 5 May 2005 A Via Assignment and Global Routing Method for 2-Layer Ball Grid Array Packages Details
Yukiko KUBO, Atsushi TAKAHASHI
Vol. E89-A, No. 12 December 2006 A VLSI Architecture for Variable Block Size Motion Estimation in H.264/AVC with Low Cost Memory Organization Details
Yang SONG, Zhenyu LIU, Takeshi IKENAGA, Satoshi GOTO
Vol. E88-A, No. 12 December 2005 A VLSI Array Processing Oriented Fast Fourier Transform Algorithm and Hardware Implementation Details
Zhenyu LIU, Yang SONG, Takeshi IKENAGA, Satoshi GOTO
Vol. E89-A, No. 5 May 2006 A Weil Descent Attack against Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems over Quartic Extension Fields Details
Seigo ARITA, Kazuto MATSUO, Koh-ichi NAGAO, Mahoro SHIMURA
Vol. E88-A, No. 3 March 2005 ABST M-Type K-Nearest Neighbor (ABSTM-KNN) for Image Denoising Details
Vol. E88-A, No. 8 August 2005 Accelerated Adaptive Algorithms with Application to Direction-of-Arrival Estimation by Subspace Tracking Details
Shohei KIKUCHI, Akira SANO
Vol. E88-A, No. 7 July 2005 Acceleration and Stabilization Techniques for the Levenberg-Marquardt Method Details
Hiroyasu SAKAMOTO, Katsuya MATSUMOTO, Azusa KUWAHARA, Yoshiteru HAYAMI
Vol. E91-A, No. 2 February 2008 Acceleration of ADI-FDTD Method by Gauss-Seidel Relaxation Approach Details
Vol. E91-A, No. 7 July 2008 Accuracy Refinement Algorithm for Mobile Target Location Tracking by Radio Signal Strength Indication Approach Details
Erin-Ee-Lin LAU, Wan-Young CHUNG
Vol. E89-A, No. 7 July 2006 Accurate Channel Estimation Method for Frequency Domain Equalization on cdma2000 High Rate Packet Data System Details
Noriaki MIYAZAKI, Toshinori SUZUKI, Shuichi MATSUMOTO
Vol. E90-A, No. 11 November 2007 Accurate Channel Identification with Time-Frequency Interferometry for OFDM Details
Chang-Jun AHN
Vol. E88-A, No. 3 March 2005 Accurate Computation of a High Degree Coefficient of a Power Series Root Details
Vol. E91-A, No. 4 April 2008 Acoustic Echo Cancellation Using Sub-Adaptive Filter Details
Satoshi OHTA, Yoshinobu KAJIKAWA, Yasuo NOMURA
Vol. E90-A, No. 5 May 2007 Acoustic Field Analysis of Surface Acoustic Wave Dispersive Delay Lines Using Inclined Chirp IDT Details
Koichiro MISU, Koji IBATA, Shusou WADAKA, Takao CHIBA, Minoru K. KUROSAWA
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