Vol. E88-D, No. 8 August 2005

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Kazuhiko YAMAMOTO 1779-1780
Takao HINAMOTO, Toshimasa WATANABE 1861-1862


A Fuzzy Neuro Approach to Fault-Type Identification for Double Circuit Lines PDF
Mohammad Reza AGHAEBRAHIMI, Hassan KHORASHADI- ZADEH 1920-1922
On Computational Power of Insertion-Deletion Systems without Using Contexts PDF
Sadaki HIROSE, Satoshi OKAWA 1993-1995
An Evolutionary Approach for User-Oriented Web Search with Mobile Devices PDF
Wei-Po LEE 1996-2000
Robust 3D Reconstruction with Outliers Using RANSAC Based Singular Value Decomposition PDF
Xi LI, Zhengnan NING, Liuwei XIANG 2001-2004


Handwritten Numeral String Recognition: Effects of Character Normalization and Feature Extraction PDF
Cheng-Lin LIU, Hiroshi SAKO, Hiromichi FUJISAWA 1791-1798
Structuring Search Space for Accelerating Large Set Character Recognition PDF
Yiping YANG, Bilan ZHU, Masaki NAKAGAWA 1799-1806
Statistical Language Models for On-Line Handwriting Recognition PDF
Freddy PERRAUD, Christian VIARD- GAUDIN, Emmanuel MORIN, Pierre-Michel LALLICAN 1807-1814
A Model of On-line Handwritten Japanese Text Recognition Free from Line Direction and Writing Format Constraints PDF
Masaki NAKAGAWA, Bilan ZHU, Motoki ONUMA 1815-1822
An On-line Handwritten Japanese Text Recognition System Free from Line Direction and Character Orientation Constraints PDF
Motoki ONUMA, Akihito KITADAI, Bilan ZHU, Masaki NAKAGAWA 1823-1830
Logical Structure Analysis of Document Images Based on Emergent Computation PDF
Yasuto ISHITANI 1831-1842
Document Image Retrieval for QA Systems Based on the Density Distributions of Successive Terms PDF
Koichi KISE, Shota FUKUSHIMA, Keinosuke MATSUMOTO 1843-1851
Using Topic Keyword Clusters for Automatic Document Clustering PDF
Hsi-Cheng CHANG, Chiun-Chieh HSU 1852-1860
0.18-┬Ám CMOS 10-Gb/s Current-Mode Serial Link Transmitters PDF
Fei YUAN, Jean JIANG 1863-1869
Application-Level Error Measurements for Network Processors PDF
Arindam MALLIK, Matthew C. WILDRICK, Gokhan MEMIK 1870-1877
Concurrent Symbol Processing Capable VLSI Architecture for Bit Plane Coder of JPEG2000 PDF
Amit Kumar GUPTA, Saeid NOOSHABADI, David TAUBMAN 1878-1884
Applying Spiking Neural Nets to Noise Shaping PDF
Christian MAYR, Rene SCHUFFNY 1885-1892
Spiking Neural Network Inter-Spike Time Based Decoding Scheme PDF
Hesham H. AMIN, Robert H. FUJII 1893-1902
LMI-Based Neurocontroller for State-Feedback Guaranteed Cost Control of Discrete-Time Uncertain System PDF
Hiroaki MUKAIDANI, Yasuhisa ISHII, Nan BU, Yoshiyuki TANAKA, Toshio TSUJI 1903-1911
A Possibilistic and Stochastic Programming Approach to Fuzzy Random MST Problems PDF
Hideki KATAGIRI, El Bekkaye MERMRI, Masatoshi SAKAWA, Kosuke KATO, Ichiro NISHIZAKI 1912-1919
High-Speed Distributed Video Transcoding for Multiple Rates and Formats PDF
Yasuo SAMBE, Shintaro WATANABE, Dong YU, Taichi NAKAMURA, Naoki WAKAMIYA 1923-1931
A Cache Optimized Multidimensional Index in Disk-Based Environments PDF
Myungsun PARK, Sukho LEE 1932-1939
Power-Constrained Test Synthesis and Scheduling Algorithms for Non-Scan BIST-able RTL Data Paths PDF
Zhiqiang YOU, Ken'ichi YAMAGUCHI, Michiko INOUE, Jacob SAVIR, Hideo FUJIWARA 1940-1947
An Efficient Method for Optimal Probe Deployment of Distributed IDS PDF
Jing WANG, Naoya NITTA, Hiroyuki SEKI 1948-1957
A License Management Protocol for Protecting User Privacy and Digital Contents in Digital Rights Management Systems PDF
Bok-Nyong PARK, Wonjun LEE, Jae-Won KIM 1958-1965
Postprocessing in Block-Based Video Coding Based on a Quantization Noise Model PDF
Ick Hoon JANG, Ki Woong MOON, Nam Chul KIM, Tae Sik KIM 1966-1976
A New Algorithm for Silhouette Detection in Volume Objects and Its Parallelization PDF
Hyun CHIN, Rudrapatna S. RAMAKRISHNA 1977-1984
An Internet-Based Cycle Ergometer Health Promotion System for Providing Personally Fitted Exercise PDF
Zhihui WANG, Tohru KIRYU, Mamoru IWAKI, Keisuke SHIBAI 1985-1992