Vol. E88-D, No. 9 September 2005

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Kazuhiro KUWABARA 2019-2020


Analysis on the Parameters of the Evolving Artificial Agents in Sequential Bargaining Game PDF
Seok-Cheol CHANG, Joung-Il YUN, Ju-Sang LEE, Sang-Uk LEE, Nitaigour-Premchand MAHALIK, Byung-Ha AHN 2098-2101
Securing Mobile Agents by Integrity-Based Encryption PDF
Jaewon LEE, Seong-Min HONG, Hyunsoo YOON 2102-2104
Burst Error Recovery for Huffman Coding PDF
Masato KITAKAMI, Satoshi NAKAMURA 2197-2200
Efficient Packet Distribution Scheme in Cluster-Based Active Router PDF
YoungBae JANG, SeungRyoul MAENG, JungWan CHO 2201-2204
An RTOS-Based Design and Validation Methodology for Embedded Systems PDF
Hiroyuki TOMIYAMA, Shin-ichiro CHIKADA, Shinya HONDA, Hiroaki TAKADA 2205-2208
Transient Bit Error Recovery Scheme for ROM-Based Embedded Systems PDF
Sang-Moon RYU, Dong-Jo PARK 2209-2212
Gram-Schmidt M-Wave Canceller for the EMG Controlled FES PDF
Hojoon YEOM, Youngcheol PARK, Hyoungro YOON 2213-2217
Performance Comparison between Equal-Average Equal-Variance Equal-Norm Nearest Neighbor Search (EEENNS) Method and Improved Equal-Average Equal-Variance Nearest Neighbor Search (IEENNS) Method for Fast Encoding of Vector Quantization PDF
Zhibin PAN, Koji KOTANI, Tadahiro OHMI 2218-2222
A Classification Algorithm Based on Regions' Luminance Distribution Applying to Fractal Image Compression PDF
ChenGuang ZHOU, Kui MENG, ZuLian QIU 2223-2227


Applying Logic of Multiple-Valued Argumentation to Eastern Arguments PDF
Hajime SAWAMURA, Takehisa TAKAHASHI 2021-2030
Speculative Computation and Abduction for an Autonomous Agent PDF
Ken SATOH 2031-2038
The Roles of Phase Transition in Multi-Agent Performance Regulation PDF
Kouji HARADA, Tetuo KINOSHITA 2039-2046
A Multi-Agent Framework for Conflict Analysis and Negotiation: Case of COTS Selection PDF
Tom WANYAMA, Behrouz H. FAR 2047-2058
Knowledge Circulation Framework for Flexible Multimedia Communication Services PDF
Shintaro IMAI, Takuo SUGANUMA, Norio SHIRATORI 2059-2066
Dynamic RWA Based on the Combination of Mobile Agents Technique and Genetic Algorithms in WDM Networks with Sparse Wavelength Conversion PDF
Vinh Trong LE, Xiaohong JIANG, Son Hong NGO, Susumu HORIGUCHI 2067-2078
MAP2P: An Architecture Supporting Gnutella for Mobile Devices PDF
Tim Hsin-ting HU, Binh THAI, Woraphon LILAKIATSAKUN, Aruna SENEVIRATNE 2079-2088
Timeliness and Reliability Oriented Autonomous Network-Based Information Services Integration in Multi-Agent Systems PDF
Xiaodong LU, Koichi MORIYAMA, Ivan LUQUE, Miho KANDA, Yanqing JIANG, Ryuji TAKANUKI, Kinji MORI 2089-2097
The Development of a Computational Environment for Cellular Automata PDF
Yuhei AKAMINE, Satoshi ENDO, Koji YAMADA 2105-2112
Petri Nets with Simple Circuits PDF
Hsu-Chun YEN, Lien-Po YU 2113-2125
Wrapper Scan Chains Design for Rapid and Low Power Testing of Embedded Cores PDF
Yinhe HAN, Yu HU, Xiaowei LI, Huawei LI, Anshuman CHANDRA, Xiaoqing WEN 2126-2134
Deterministic Delay Fault BIST Using Adjacency Test Pattern Generation PDF
Kazuteru NAMBA, Hideo ITO 2135-2142
An RBAC-Based Access Control Model for Object-Oriented Systems Offering Dynamic Aspect Features PDF
Shih-Chien CHOU 2143-2147
Java Birthmarks--Detecting the Software Theft-- PDF
Haruaki TAMADA, Masahide NAKAMURA, Akito MONDEN, Ken-ichi MATSUMOTO 2148-2158
A Steganographic Method for Hiding Secret Data Using Side Match Vector Quantization PDF
Chin-Chen CHANG, Wen-Chuan WU 2159-2167
Tree-Structured Clustering Methods for Piecewise Linear-Transformation-Based Noise Adaptation PDF
Zhipeng ZHANG, Toshiaki SUGIMURA, Sadaoki FURUI 2168-2176
Low-Hardware-Cost Motion Estimation with Large Search Range for VLSI Multimedia Processors PDF
Seongsoo LEE, Min-Cheol HONG, Jae-Kyung WEE 2177-2182
An Iterative Factorization Method Based on Rank 1 for Projective Structure and Motion PDF
Shigang LIU, Chengke WU, Li TANG, Jing JIA 2183-2188
Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Networks with the Aid of Fuzzy Granulation PDF
Keun-Chang KWAK, Dong-Hwa KIM 2189-2196