Vol. E88-D, No. 12 December 2005

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Masaki AIDA 2621-2621


A Practical Approach to the Scheduling of Manufacturing System Using Fuzzy Optimization Technique PDF
Seung Kyu PARK, Kwang Bang WOO 2871-2875
Design and Evaluation of Hardware Pseudo-Random Number Generator MT19937 PDF
Shiro KONUMA, Shuichi ICHIKAWA 2876-2879
Adaptive Clustering Technique Using Genetic Algorithms PDF
Nam Hyun PARK, Chang Wook AHN, Rudrapatna S. RAMAKRISHNA 2880-2882
Application-Level Causally Ordered Broadcast for Large-Scale Group Communication PDF
ChaYoung KIM, JinHo AHN, ChongSun HWANG 2883-2889
Verifiable Oblivious Transfer Protocol PDF
Narn-Yih LEE, Chien-Chih WANG 2890-2892
High Quality and Low Complexity Speech Analysis/Synthesis Based on Sinusoidal Representation PDF
Jianguo TAN, Wenjun ZHANG, Peilin LIU 2893-2896


Autonomic Peer-to-Peer Service Directory PDF
Tim Hsin-ting HU, Aruna SENEVIRATNE 2630-2639
Autonomous Semantic Grid: Principles of Autonomous Decentralized Systems for Grid Computing PDF
Muhammad Omair SHAFIQ, Hafiz Farooq AHMAD, Hiroki SUGURI, Arshad ALI 2640-2650
CIGMA: Active Inventory Service in Global E-Market Based on Efficient Catalog Management PDF
Su Myeon KIM, Seungwoo KANG, Heung-Kyu LEE, Junehwa SONG 2651-2663
Evaluation of Hybrid Message-Delivering Scheme for Massive Mobile Agents' Intercommunication PDF
Gen HATTORI, Chihiro ONO, Kazunori MATSUMOTO, Fumiaki SUGAYA 2664-2671
A Coalition Formation Framework Based on Transitive Dependence PDF
Bo AN, Chunyan MIAO, Daijie CHENG 2672-2680
Behavioral Analysis of a Fault-Tolerant Software System with Rejuvenation PDF
Koichiro RINSAKA, Tadashi DOHI 2681-2690
Swiss Cheese Test Case Generation for Web Services Testing PDF
Wei-Tek TSAI, Xiao WEI, Yinong CHEN, Ray PAUL, Bingnan XIAO 2691-2698
Autonomous Decentralized High-Speed Processing Technology and the Application in an Integrated IC Card Fixed-Line and Wireless System PDF
Akio SHIIBASHI 2699-2707
The Design of Diagnosis System in Maglev Train PDF
Zhigang LIU 2708-2714
Primitive Inductive Theorems Bridge Implicit Induction Methods and Inductive Theorems in Higher-Order Rewriting PDF
Keiichirou KUSAKARI, Masahiko SAKAI, Toshiki SAKABE 2715-2726
A Grammatical Approach to the Alignment of Structure-Annotated Strings PDF
Shinnosuke SEKI, Satoshi KOBAYASHI 2727-2737
Classification of Sequential Circuits Based on τk Notation and Its Applications PDF
Chia Yee OOI, Thomas CLOUQUEUR, Hideo FUJIWARA 2738-2747
A Low Power-Consuming Embedded System Design by Reducing Memory Access Frequencies PDF
Ching-Wen CHEN, Chih-Hung CHANG, Chang-Jung KU 2748-2756
A Top-Down Approach to Quality Driven Architectural Engineering of Software Systems PDF
Kwanwoo LEE 2757-2766
Security against Inference Attacks on Negative Information in Object-Oriented Databases PDF
Yasunori ISHIHARA, Shuichiro AKO, Toru FUJIWARA 2767-2776
Scan Design for Two-Pattern Test without Extra Latches PDF
Kazuteru NAMBA, Hideo ITO 2777-2785
A Coordinator for Workflow Management Systems with Information Access Control PDF
Shih-Chien CHOU, Chien-Jung WU 2786-2792
Designing a Web-CAI System Incorporated with MATHEMATICA PDF
Changqing DING, Mitsuru SAKAI, Hiroyuki HASE, Masaaki YONEDA 2793-2801
Contour-Based Window Extraction Algorithm for Bare Printed Circuit Board Inspection PDF
Shih-Yuan HUANG, Chi-Wu MAO, Kuo-Sheng CHENG 2802-2810
Robust Speech Recognition Using Discrete-Mixture HMMs PDF
Tetsuo KOSAKA, Masaharu KATOH, Masaki KOHDA 2811-2818
A Fast Multi-Resolution Block Matching Algorithm for Multiple-Frame Motion Estimation PDF
Myung Jun KIM, Yun Gu LEE, Jong Beom RA 2819-2827
Optimal Sampling Operator for Signal Restoration in the Presence of Signal Space and Observation Space Noises PDF
Aqeel SYED, Hidemitsu OGAWA 2828-2838
JPEG 2000 Encoding Method for Reducing Tiling Artifacts PDF
Masayuki HASHIMOTO, Kenji MATSUO, Atsushi KOIKE 2839-2848
Variable Frame Skipping Scheme Based on Estimated Quality of Non-coded Frames at Decoder for Real-Time Video Coding PDF
Tien-Ying KUO 2849-2856
Scale-Adaptive Face Detection and Tracking in Real Time with SSR Filters and Support Vector Machine PDF
Shinjiro KAWATO, Nobuji TETSUTANI, Kenichi HOSAKA 2857-2863
Efficient Space-Leaping Using Optimal Block Sets PDF
Sukhyun LIM, Byeong-Seok SHIN 2864-2870

Invited Papers

The Future of High-Speed Train PDF
Takashi ENDO 2625-2629