Vol. E89-D, No. 5 May 2006

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Table of Contents


Koji NAKANO, Jacir L. BORDIM, Peter DAVIS 1613-1613


Dynamic Topology Control and Routing in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks PDF
Kwangil LEE, Kapdong KIM 1672-1675
Non-saturated Throughput Analysis of IEEE 802.11 Ad Hoc Networks PDF
Changchun XU, Zongkai YANG 1676-1678
Surrogate Integrated PQRM and Its Replication Scheme in Wireless Grid PDF
Jeong-Je CHO, Yong-Hyuk MOON, Chan-Hyun YOUN 1751-1754
Routing in Hexagonal Networks under a Corner-Based Addressing Scheme PDF
Huaxi GU, Jie ZHANG, Zengji LIU, Xiaoxing TU 1755-1758
How Much Does Color Information Help Optical Flow Computation? PDF
Naoya OHTA, Satoe NISHIZAWA 1759-1762


A Localization Scheme for Sensor Networks Based on Wireless Communication with Anchor Groups PDF
Hiroyuki OCHI, Shigeaki TAGASHIRA, Satoshi FUJITA 1614-1621
A Multiple-Layer Self-Organizing Wireless Network PDF
Hyunjeong LEE, Chung-Chieh LEE 1622-1632
Branch Aggregation Multicast (BAM): An Energy Efficient and Highly Compatible Multicast Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Akihito OKURA, Takeshi IHARA, Akira MIURA 1633-1643
The Enhancement on Communication Stability in MANETs with Unit Disk Graph Model PDF
Makoto TAKIZAWA, Hiroto AIDA, Masato SAITO, Yoshito TOBE, Hideyuki TOKUDA 1644-1653
An Energy*Delay Efficient Multi-Hop Routing Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Trong Thua HUYNH, Choong Seon HONG 1654-1661
Mobility-Awareness: An Efficient Approach to Improve Energy Efficiency in Location-Aware Computing PDF
MoonBae SONG, KwangJin PARK, Ki-Sik KONG 1662-1671
A New Method for Low-Capture-Power Test Generation for Scan Testing PDF
Xiaoqing WEN, Yoshiyuki YAMASHITA, Seiji KAJIHARA, Laung-Terng WANG, Kewal K. SALUJA, Kozo KINOSHITA 1679-1686
Proposal of Testable Multi-Context FPGA Architecture PDF
Kazuteru NAMBA, Hideo ITO 1687-1693
Framework for Personalized User Interface by Sharing User-Centric Context between Real and Virtual Environments PDF
Seiie JANG, Woontack WOO 1694-1701
A Mobile-Care System Integrated with Bluetooth Blood Pressure and Pulse Monitor, and Cellular Phone PDF
Ren-Guey LEE, Chun-Chieh HSIAO, Chun-Chung CHEN, Ming-Shiu LIU 1702-1711
Effects of Phoneme Type and Frequency on Distributed Speaker Identification and Verification PDF
Mohamed Abdel FATTAH, Fuji REN, Shingo KUROIWA 1712-1719
A Relevance Feedback Image Retrieval Scheme Using Multi-Instance and Pseudo Image Concepts PDF
Feng-Cheng CHANG, Hsueh-Ming HANG 1720-1731
Human Foot Reconstruction from Multiple Camera Images with Foot Shape Database PDF
Jiahui WANG, Hideo SAITO, Makoto KIMURA, Masaaki MOCHIMARU, Takeo KANADE 1732-1742
A Growth Model for Root Systems of Virtual Plants with Soil and Moisture Control PDF
Jijoon KIM 1743-1750