Vol. E89-D, No. 10 October 2006

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Table of Contents


Physical Register Sharing through Value Similarity Detection PDF
In Pyo HONG, Ha Young JEONG, Yong Surk LEE 2678-2681
Homogeneity Based Image Objective Quality Metric PDF
Kebin AN, Jun SUN, Weina DU 2682-2685
A Linear Color Correction Method for Compressed Images and Videos PDF
Kebin AN, Jun SUN, Lei ZHOU 2686-2689
Constant Rate Control for Motion JPEG2000 PDF
Jun HOU, Xiangzhong FANG, Haibin YIN, Jiliang LI 2690-2692
A New Vertex Adjustment Method for Polygon-Based Shape Coding PDF
Byoung-Ju YUN, Jae-Soo CHO, Yun-Ho KO 2693-2695


The Relations among Watson-Crick Automata and Their Relations with Context-Free Languages PDF
Satoshi OKAWA, Sadaki HIROSE 2591-2599
Node-Disjoint Paths Algorithm in a Transposition Graph PDF
Yasuto SUZUKI, Keiichi KANEKO, Mario NAKAMORI 2600-2605
Mining Communities on the Web Using a Max-Flow and a Site-Oriented Framework PDF
Yasuhito ASANO, Takao NISHIZEKI, Masashi TOYODA, Masaru KITSUREGAWA 2606-2615
Compression/Scan Co-design for Reducing Test Data Volume, Scan-in Power Dissipation, and Test Application Time PDF
Yu HU, Yinhe HAN, Xiaowei LI, Huawei LI, Xiaoqing WEN 2616-2625
Effect of BIST Pretest on IC Defect Level PDF
Yoshiyuki NAKAMURA, Jacob SAVIR, Hideo FUJIWARA 2626-2636
An RTSD System against Various Attacks for Low False Positive Rate Based on Patterns of Attacker's Behaviors PDF
Joong-seok SONG, Yong-jin KWON 2637-2643
A Practical Biosignal-Based Human Interface Applicable to the Assistive Systems for People with Motor Impairment PDF
Ki-Hong KIM, Jae-Kwon YOO, Hong Kee KIM, Wookho SON, Soo-Young LEE 2644-2652
Ellipse Fitting with Hyperaccuracy PDF
Kenichi KANATANI 2653-2660
Estimating Motion Parameters Using a Flexible Weight Function PDF
Seok-Woo JANG, Gye-Young KIM, Hyung-Il CHOI 2661-2669
Pruning-Based Unsupervised Segmentation for Korean PDF
In-Su KANG, Seung-Hoon NA, Jong-Hyeok LEE 2670-2677