Vol. E90-D, No. 7 July 2007

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Table of Contents


Rate-Sensitive Load Shedding in Data Stream Systems PDF
Zhiwu YIN, Shangteng HUANG, Xun FAN 1111-1112
Content Adaptive Visible Watermarking during Ordered Dithering PDF
Hao LUO, Jeng-Shyang PAN, Zhe-Ming LU 1113-1116
Dynamic Bayesian Network Inversion for Robust Speech Recognition PDF
Lei XIE, Hongwu YANG 1117-1120
A Multi-Scale Adaptive Grey World Algorithm PDF
Bing LI, De XU, Moon Ho LEE, Song-He FENG 1121-1124


The Repacking Efficiency for Bandwidth Packing Problem PDF
Jianxin CHEN, Yuhang YANG, Lei ZHOU 1011-1017
Enabling Large-Scale Bayesian Network Learning by Preserving Intercluster Directionality PDF
Sungwon JUNG, Kwang Hyung LEE, Doheon LEE 1018-1027
A Communication Means for Totally Locked-in ALS Patients Based on Changes in Cerebral Blood Volume Measured with Near-Infrared Light PDF
Masayoshi NAITO, Yohko MICHIOKA, Kuniaki OZAWA, Yoshitoshi ITO, Masashi KIGUCHI, Tsuneo KANAZAWA 1028-1037
Particle Swarms for Feature Extraction of Hyperspectral Data PDF
Sildomar Takahashi MONTEIRO, Yukio KOSUGI 1038-1046
Feature Selection in Genetic Fuzzy Discretization for the Pattern Classification Problems PDF
Yoon-Seok CHOI, Byung-Ro MOON 1047-1054
Critical Band Subspace-Based Speech Enhancement Using SNR and Auditory Masking Aware Technique PDF
Jia-Ching WANG, Hsiao-Ping LEE, Jhing-Fa WANG, Chung-Hsien YANG 1055-1062
Morpheme-Based Modeling of Pronunciation Variation for Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition in Korean PDF
Kyong-Nim LEE, Minhwa CHUNG 1063-1072
3D Animation Compression Using Affine Transformation Matrix and Principal Component Analysis PDF
Pai-Feng LEE, Chi-Kang KAO, Juin-Ling TSENG, Bin-Shyan JONG, Tsong-Wuu LIN 1073-1084
A Half-Skewed Octree for Volume Ray Casting PDF
Sukhyun LIM, Byeong-Seok SHIN 1085-1091
Zero-Anaphora Resolution in Chinese Using Maximum Entropy PDF
Jing PENG, Kenji ARAKI 1092-1102
Experimental Study on a Two Phase Method for Biomedical Named Entity Recognition PDF
Seonho KIM, Juntae YOON 1103-1110