Vol. E91-D, No. 6 June 2008

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Shunichi YONEMURA 1593-1593


Prototyping Tool for Web-Based Multiuser Online Role-Playing Game PDF
Shusuke OKAMOTO, Masaru KAMADA, Tatsuhiro YONEKURA 1700-1703
A Simple Algorithm for Transposition-Invariant Amplified (δ, γ)-Matching PDF
Inbok LEE 1824-1826
Extending LogicWeb via Hereditary Harrop Formulas PDF
Keehang KWON, Dae-Seong KANG 1827-1829
Improved Frame Mode Selection for AMR-WB+ Based on Decision Tree PDF
Jong Kyu KIM, Nam Soo KIM 1830-1833
Quantization Parameter Refinement in H.264 through ρ-Domain Rate Model PDF
Yutao DONG, Xiangzhong FANG, Jing YANG 1834-1837
Melody Track Selection Using Discriminative Language Model PDF
Xiao WU, Ming LI, Hongbin SUO, Yonghong YAN 1838-1840


An Effective QoS Control Scheme for 3D Virtual Environments Based on User's Perception PDF
Takayuki KURODA, Takuo SUGANUMA, Norio SHIRATORI 1604-1612
Study of Spatial Configurations of Equipment for Online Sign Interpretation Service PDF
Kaoru NAKAZONO, Saori TANAKA 1613-1621
Online Chat Dependency: The Influence of Social Anxiety PDF
Chih-Chien WANG, Shu-Chen CHANG 1622-1627
Facial Expression Generation from Speaker's Emotional States in Daily Conversation PDF
Hiroki MORI, Koh OHSHIMA 1628-1633
Body Movement Synchrony in Psychotherapeutic Counseling: A Study Using the Video-Based Quantification Method PDF
Chika NAGAOKA, Masashi KOMORI 1634-1640
Separation between Sound and Light Enhances Audio-Visual Prior Entry Effect PDF
Yuki HONGOH, Shinichi KITA, Yoshiharu SOETA 1641-1648
Mechanism of Perceptual Categorization in the Pre-Linguistic Period PDF
Tamami SUDO, Ken MOGI 1649-1655
An MEG Study of Temporal Characteristics of Semantic Integration in Japanese Noun Phrases PDF
Hirohisa KIGUCHI, Nobuhiko ASAKURA 1656-1663
A Collaborative Knowledge Management Process for Implementing Healthcare Enterprise Information Systems PDF
Po-Hsun CHENG, Sao-Jie CHEN, Jin-Shin LAI, Feipei LAI 1664-1672
Interactive Cosmetic Makeup of a 3D Point-Based Face Model PDF
Jeong-Sik KIM, Soo-Mi CHOI 1673-1680
Animation of Mapped Photo Collections for Storytelling PDF
Hideyuki FUJITA, Masatoshi ARIKAWA 1681-1692
Control of Speed and Power in a Humanoid Robot Arm Using Pneumatic Actuators for Human-Robot Coexisting Environment PDF
Kiyoshi HOSHINO 1693-1699
Polynomial Time Identification of Strict Deterministic Restricted One-Counter Automata in Some Class from Positive Data PDF
Mitsuo WAKATSUKI, Etsuji TOMITA 1704-1718
Efficient Storage and Querying of Horizontal Tables Using a PIVOT Operation in Commercial Relational DBMSs PDF
Sung-Hyun SHIN, Yang-Sae MOON, Jinho KIM, Sang-Wook KIM 1719-1729
Efficient Query-by-Content Audio Retrieval by Locality Sensitive Hashing and Partial Sequence Comparison PDF
Yi YU, Kazuki JOE, J. Stephen DOWNIE 1730-1739
A Real-Time Decision Support System for Voltage Collapse Avoidance in Power Supply Networks PDF
Chen-Sung CHANG 1740-1747
Tone Recognition of Continuous Mandarin Speech Based on Tone Nucleus Model and Neural Network PDF
Xiao-Dong WANG, Keikichi HIROSE, Jin-Song ZHANG, Nobuaki MINEMATSU 1748-1755
Local Subspace Classifier with Transform-Invariance for Image Classification PDF
Seiji HOTTA 1756-1763
The Nitech-NAIST HMM-Based Speech Synthesis System for the Blizzard Challenge 2006 PDF
Heiga ZEN, Tomoki TODA, Keiichi TOKUDA 1764-1773
The Use of Overlapped Sub-Bands in Multi-Band, Multi-SNR, Multi-Path Recognition of Noisy Word Utterances PDF
Yutaka TSUBOI, Takehiro IHARA, Kazuyuki TAKAGI, Kazuhiko OZEKI 1774-1782
Minimum Mean Absolute Error Predictors for Lossless Image Coding PDF
Yoshihiko HASHIDUME, Yoshitaka MORIKAWA, Shuichi MAKI 1783-1792
Specific and Class Object Recognition for Service Robots through Autonomous and Interactive Methods PDF
Al MANSUR, Yoshinori KUNO 1793-1803
Jigsaw-Puzzle-Like 3D Glyphs for Visualization of Grammatical Constraints PDF
Noritaka OSAWA 1804-1812
Improved Clonal Selection Algorithm Combined with Ant Colony Optimization PDF
Shangce GAO, Wei WANG, Hongwei DAI, Fangjia LI, Zheng TANG 1813-1823

Invited Papers

Dive into the Movie PDF
Shigeo MORISHIMA 1594-1603