Vol. E91-D, No. 9 September 2008

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Isao KAJI 2223-2223


HMM-Based Mask Estimation for a Speech Recognition Front-End Using Computational Auditory Scene Analysis PDF
Ji Hun PARK, Jae Sam YOON, Hong Kook KIM 2360-2364
Dividing Virtual Belt Algorithm for Reconstructing Surface from a Set of Wire-Frame Contours PDF
Young-Kyu CHOI 2365-2368
A Novel Metric Embedding Optimal Normalization Mechanism for Clustering of Series Data PDF
Shigeyuki MITSUI, Katsumi SAKATA, Hiroya NOBORI, Setsuko KOMATSU 2369-2371


Autonomous Preference-Aware Information Services Integration for High Response in Integrated Faded Information Field Systems PDF
Xiaodong LU, Kinji MORI 2243-2250
Rapidly Building Visual Management Systems for Context-Aware Services PDF
Ichiro SATOH 2251-2258
Autonomous Community Construction Technology to Achieve Service Assurance in ADCS PDF
Khalid MAHMOOD, Xiaodong LU, Kinji MORI 2259-2266
Autonomous Distributed Congestion Control Scheme in WCDMA Network PDF
Hafiz Farooq AHMAD, Hiroki SUGURI, Muhammad Qaisar CHOUDHARY, Ammar HASSAN, Ali LIAQAT, Muhammad Umer KHAN 2267-2275
A QoS Management Technique of Urgent Information Provision in ITS Services Using DSRC for Autonomous Base Stations PDF
Akitoshi SHIMURA, Takeiki AIZONO, Masashi HIRAIWA, Shigeki SUGANO 2276-2284
The Study of Maglev Train Control and Diagnosis Networks Based on Role Automation Decentralization PDF
Zhigang LIU, Qi WANG, Yongdong TAN 2285-2292
A Novel Railway Signal Control System Based on the Internet and Assurance Technologies PDF
Takashi KUNIFUJI, Gen KOGURE, Hiroyuki SUGAHARA, Masayuki MATSUMOTO 2293-2299
Reducing Interconnect Complexity for Efficient Path Metric Memory Management in Viterbi Decoders PDF
Ming-Der SHIEH, Tai-Ping WANG, Chien-Ming WU 2300-2311
A Mapping Method for Multi-Process Execution on Dynamically Reconfigurable Processors PDF
Vu MANH TUAN, Hideharu AMANO 2312-2322
Detecting Theft of Java Applications via a Static Birthmark Based on Weighted Stack Patterns PDF
Hyun-il LIM, Heewan PARK, Seokwoo CHOI, Taisook HAN 2323-2332
A Contourlet-Based Embedded Image Coding Scheme on Low Bit-Rate PDF
Haohao SONG, Songyu YU 2333-2340
Query-by-Sketch Based Image Synthesis PDF
David GAVILAN, Suguru SAITO, Masayuki NAKAJIMA 2341-2352
Multiple View Geometry under Projective Projection in Space-Time PDF
Cheng WAN, Jun SATO 2353-2359

Invited Papers

Autonomous Decentralized System and Its Strategic Approach for Research and Development PDF
Kinji MORI 2227-2232
Distributed Computing Software Building-Blocks for Ubiquitous Computing Societies PDF
K.H. (Kane) KIM 2233-2242