Vol. E91-D, No. 10 October 2008

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Table of Contents


Some Results on Primitive Words, Square-Free Words, and Disjunctive Languages PDF
Tetsuo MORIYA 2514-2516
Complexity Oscillations in Random Reals PDF
ChenGuang LIU, Kazuyuki TANAKA 2517-2518
Design and Implementation of a Non-pipelined MD5 Hardware Architecture Using a New Functional Description PDF
Delay Analysis of Car-to-Car Reliable Data Delivery Strategies Based on Data Mulling with Network Coding PDF
Joon-Sang PARK, Uichin LEE, Soon Young OH, Mario GERLA, Desmond Siumen LUN, Won Woo RO, Joonseok PARK 2524-2527
Masking Property Based Residual Acoustic Echo Cancellation for Hands-Free Communication in Automobile Environment PDF
Yoonjae LEE, Seokyeong JEONG, Hanseok KO 2528-2531
Switching Search Method for Pulse Assignment in ITU-T G.729D PDF
Fu-Kun CHEN, Yu-Ruei TSAI 2532-2535
Text-Independent Speaker Verification Using Artificially Generated GMMs for Cohorts PDF
Yuuji MUKAI, Hideki NODA, Michiharu NIIMI, Takashi OSANAI 2536-2539


Scheduling Parallel Tasks with Communication Overhead in an Environment with Multiple Machines PDF
Jiann-Fu LIN 2379-2385
Memory Allocation for Multi-Resolution Image Processing PDF
Yasuhiro KOBAYASHI, Masanori HARIYAMA, Michitaka KAMEYAMA 2386-2397
kP2PADM: An In-Kernel Architecture of P2P Management Gateway PDF
Ying-Dar LIN, Po-Ching LIN, Meng-Fu TSAI, Tsao-Jiang CHANG, Yuan-Cheng LAI 2398-2405
Finding Frequent Closed Itemsets in Sliding Window in Linear Time PDF
Junbo CHEN, Bo ZHOU, Lu CHEN, Xinyu WANG, Yiqun DING 2406-2418
An Energy-Aware Multipath Routing Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Moonseong KIM, Euihoon JEONG, Young-Cheol BANG, Soyoung HWANG, Changsub SHIN, Gwang-Ja JIN, Bongsoo KIM 2419-2427
A Multi-Code Compression Scheme for Test Time Reduction of System-on-Chip Designs PDF
Hong-Ming SHIEH, Jin-Fu LI 2428-2434
Dependability Improvement for PPM Compressed Data by Using Compression Pattern Matching PDF
Masato KITAKAMI, Toshihiro OKURA 2435-2439
Thermal-Aware Test Access Mechanism and Wrapper Design Optimization for System-on-Chips PDF
Thomas Edison YU, Tomokazu YONEDA, Krishnendu CHAKRABARTY, Hideo FUJIWARA 2440-2448
Access Control Management for SCADA Systems PDF
Seng-Phil HONG, Gail-Joon AHN, Wenjuan XU 2449-2457
A Method for Recognizing Noisy Romanized Japanese Words in Learner English PDF
Ryo NAGATA, Jun-ichi KAKEGAWA, Hiromi SUGIMOTO, Yukiko YABUTA 2458-2466
Shape-Direction-Adaptive Lifting-Based Discrete Wavelet Transform for Arbitrarily Shaped Segments in Image Compression PDF
Sheng-Fuu LIN, Chien-Kun SU 2467-2476
A Two-Stage Point Pattern Matching Algorithm Using Ellipse Fitting and Dual Hilbert Scans PDF
Li TIAN, Sei-ichiro KAMATA 2477-2484
Effective Acoustic Modeling for Pronunciation Quality Scoring of Strongly Accented Mandarin Speech PDF
Fengpei GE, Changliang LIU, Jian SHAO, Fuping PAN, Bin DONG, Yonghong YAN 2485-2492
Skin Color Segmentation Using Coarse-to-Fine Region on Normalized RGB Chromaticity Diagram for Face Detection PDF
Aryuanto SOETEDJO, Koichi YAMADA 2493-2502
Enhanced Hand Manipulation Methods for Efficient and Precise Positioning and Release of Virtual Objects PDF
Noritaka OSAWA 2503-2513