Vol. E91-D, No. 12 December 2008

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Secure Handover Protocol for Mobile WiMAX Networks PDF
Song-Hee LEE, Nam-Sup PARK, Jin-Young CHOI 2875-2879
Dual Two-Dimensional Fuzzy Class Preserving Projections for Facial Expression Recognition PDF
Ruicong ZHI, Qiuqi RUAN, Jiying WU 2880-2883
Traffic Light Detection Using Rotated Principal Component Analysis for Video-Based Car Navigation System PDF
Sung-Kwan JOO, Yongkwon KIM, Seong Ik CHO, Kyoungho CHOI, Kisung LEE 2884-2887
Objective Pathological Voice Quality Assessment Based on HOS Features PDF
Ji-Yeoun LEE, Sangbae JEONG, Hong-Shik CHOI, Minsoo HAHN 2888-2891
Realtime Joint Speech Coding and Transmission Algorithm for High Packet Loss Rate Wireless Channels PDF
Tan PENG, Huijuan CUI, Kun TANG, Wei MIAO 2892-2896
An Iterative Joint Source-Channel (De-)Coding and (De-)Modulation Algorithm for G.729EV in Ultrashort Wave Communication PDF
Tan PENG, Xiangming XU, Huijuan CUI, Kun TANG, Wei MIAO 2897-2901
Cache Optimization for H.264/AVC Motion Compensation PDF
Sangyong YOON, Soo-Ik CHAE 2902-2905
New Rotation-Invariant Texture Analysis Technique Using Radon Transform and Hidden Markov Models PDF
Abdul JALIL, Anwar MANZAR, Tanweer A. CHEEMA, Ijaz M. QURESHI 2906-2909


A Tight Upper Bound on Online Buffer Management for Multi-Queue Switches with Bicodal Buffers PDF
Koji KOBAYASHI, Shuichi MIYAZAKI, Yasuo OKABE 2757-2769
On Fault Testing for Reversible Circuits PDF
Satoshi TAYU, Shigeru ITO, Shuichi UENO 2770-2775
Relating L versus P to Reversal versus Access and Their Combinatorial Structures PDF
Kenya UENO 2776-2783
Platform-Based Design for the Low Complexity and High Performance De-Interlacing System PDF
Tsung-Han TSAI, Hsueh-Liang LIN 2784-2792
A Preemption Algorithm for a Multitasking Environment on Dynamically Reconfigurable Processors PDF
Vu Manh TUAN, Hideharu AMANO 2793-2803
Proof Score Approach to Verification of Liveness Properties PDF
Kazuhiro OGATA, Kokichi FUTATSUGI 2804-2817
DAC: A Device-Aware Cache Management Algorithm for Heterogeneous Mobile Storage Systems PDF
Young-Jin KIM, Jihong KIM 2818-2833
An RFID-Based Manufacturing Control Framework for Loosely Coupled Distributed Manufacturing System Supporting Mass Customization PDF
Ruey-Shun CHEN, Yung-Shun TSAI, Arthur TU 2834-2845
Component Reduction for Gaussian Mixture Models PDF
Kumiko MAEBASHI, Nobuo SUEMATSU, Akira HAYASHI 2846-2853
Voice Activity Detection Based on High Order Statistics and Online EM Algorithm PDF
David COURNAPEAU, Tatsuya KAWAHARA 2854-2861
A Distributed Stream Multiplexing Architecture for Multi-Chip Configuration beyond HDTV PDF
Takayuki ONISHI, Ken NAKAMURA, Takeshi YOSHITOME, Jiro NAGANUMA 2862-2867
Automatic Tortuosity-Based Retinopathy of Prematurity Screening System PDF
Lassada SUKKAEW, Bunyarit UYYANONVARA, Stanislav S. MAKHANOV, Sarah BARMAN, Pannet PANGPUTHIPONG 2868-2874