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Vol. E91-D, No. 4 April 2008 δ-Similar Elimination to Enhance Search Performance of Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms Details
Hernan AGUIRRE, Masahiko SATO, Kiyoshi TANAKA
Vol. E88-D, No. 8 August 2005 0.18-µm CMOS 10-Gb/s Current-Mode Serial Link Transmitters Details
Vol. E90-D, No. 7 July 2007 3D Animation Compression Using Affine Transformation Matrix and Principal Component Analysis Details
Pai-Feng LEE, Chi-Kang KAO, Juin-Ling TSENG, Bin-Shyan JONG, Tsong-Wuu LIN
Vol. E90-D, No. 11 November 2007 3D Keyframe Animation Watermarking Based on Orientation Interpolator Details
Suk-Hwan LEE, Ki-Ryong KWON
Vol. E91-D, No. 4 April 2008 3D Model Segmentation and Representation with Implicit Polynomials Details
Vol. E91-D, No. 7 July 2008 3D Precise Inspection of Terminal Lead for Electronic Devices by Single Camera Stereo Vision Details
Vol. E91-D, No. 11 November 2008 3D Triangular Mesh Parameterization with Semantic Features Based on Competitive Learning Methods Details
Vol. E89-D, No. 8 August 2006 3D Virtual Environment Navigation Aid Techniques for Novice Users Using Topic Map Details
Hak-Keun KIM, Teuk-Seob SONG, Yoon-Chul CHOY, Soon-Bum LIM
Vol. E89-D, No. 2 February 2006 Reciprocity: Enforcing Contribution in P2P Perpendicular Downloading Details
Ming CHEN, Guangwen YANG
Vol. E88-D, No. 7 July 2005 A 0.18 µm CMOS 3rd-Order Digitally Programmable Gm-C Filter for VHF Applications Details
Aranzazu OTIN, Santiago CELMA, Concepcion ALDEA
Vol. E89-D, No. 7 July 2006 A 3D Feature-Based Binocular Tracking Algorithm Details
Guang TIAN, Feihu QI, Masatoshi KIMACHI, Yue WU, Takashi IKETANI
Vol. E88-D, No. 7 July 2005 A 900 mV 66 µW Sigma-Delta Modulator Dedicated to Implantable Sensors Details
Zhijun LU, Yamu HU, Mohamad SAWAN
Vol. E89-D, No. 8 August 2006 A eq200610.gif-Approximation Algorithm for the Stable Marriage Problem Details
Vol. E89-D, No. 4 April 2006 A Block Smoothing-Based Method for Flicker Removal in Image Sequences Details
Lei ZHOU, Qiang NI, Yuanhua ZHOU
Vol. E90-D, No. 4 April 2007 A BPMN Extension for the Modeling of Security Requirements in Business Processes Details
Vol. E88-D, No. 8 August 2005 A Cache Optimized Multidimensional Index in Disk-Based Environments Details
Myungsun PARK, Sukho LEE
Vol. E88-D, No. 7 July 2005 A Cell-Driven Multiplier Generator with Delay Optimization of Partial Products Compression and an Efficient Partition Technique for the Final Addition Details
Tso-Bing JUANG, Shen-Fu HSIAO, Ming-Yu TSAI, Jenq-Shiun JAN
Vol. E91-D, No. 3 March 2008 A Checkpointing Method with Small Checkpoint Latency Details
Masato KITAKAMI, Bochuan CAI, Hideo ITO
Vol. E90-D, No. 6 June 2007 A Class by Principal Congruence of a Syntactically Embedded Language Details
Vol. E88-D, No. 9 September 2005 A Classification Algorithm Based on Regions' Luminance Distribution Applying to Fractal Image Compression Details
ChenGuang ZHOU, Kui MENG, ZuLian QIU
Vol. E89-D, No. 1 January 2006 A Clustered RIN BIST Based on Signal Probabilities of Deterministic Test Sets Details
Dong-Sup SONG, Sungho KANG
Vol. E91-D, No. 5 May 2008 A Clustering Method for Improving Performance of Anomaly-Based Intrusion Detection System Details
Jungsuk SONG, Kenji OHIRA, Hiroki TAKAKURA, Yasuo OKABE, Yongjin KWON
Vol. E88-D, No. 12 December 2005 A Coalition Formation Framework Based on Transitive Dependence Details
Bo AN, Chunyan MIAO, Daijie CHENG
Vol. E89-D, No. 2 February 2006 A Coarse-Grain Hierarchical Technique for 2-Dimensional FFT on Configurable Parallel Computers Details
Xizhen XU, Sotirios G. ZIAVRAS
Vol. E91-D, No. 6 June 2008 A Collaborative Knowledge Management Process for Implementing Healthcare Enterprise Information Systems Details
Po-Hsun CHENG, Sao-Jie CHEN, Jin-Shin LAI, Feipei LAI
Vol. E91-D, No. 1 January 2008 A Color Image Authentication Method Using Partitioned Palette and Morphological Operations Details
Chin-Chen CHANG, Pei-Yu LIN
Vol. E90-D, No. 7 July 2007 A Communication Means for Totally Locked-in ALS Patients Based on Changes in Cerebral Blood Volume Measured with Near-Infrared Light Details
Masayoshi NAITO, Yohko MICHIOKA, Kuniaki OZAWA, Yoshitoshi ITO, Masashi KIGUCHI, Tsuneo KANAZAWA
Vol. E89-D, No. 1 January 2006 A Comparative Analysis on the Signaling Load of Mobile IPv6 and Hierarchical Mobile IPv6: Analytical Approach Details
Ki-Sik KONG, MoonBae SONG, KwangJin PARK, Chong-Sun HWANG
Vol. E89-D, No. 7 July 2006 A Computational Model for Recognizing Emotion with Intensity for Machine Vision Applications Details
Vol. E88-D, No. 10 October 2005 A Computational Model for Taxonomy-Based Word Learning Inspired by Infant Developmental Word Acquisition Details
Vol. E88-D, No. 5 May 2005 A Computer-Based Clinical Teaching-Case System with Emulation of Time Sequence for Medical Education Details
Lih-Shyang CHEN, Yuh-Ming CHENG, Sheng-Feng WENG, Chyi-Her LIN, Yong-Kok TAN
Vol. E91-D, No. 3 March 2008 A Conservative Framework for Safety-Failure Checking Details
Frederic BEAL, Tomohiro YONEDA, Chris J. MYERS
Vol. E89-D, No. 4 April 2006 A Continuous Valued Neural Network with a New Evaluation Function of Degree of Unsatisfaction for Solving CSP Details
Takahiro NAKANO, Masahiro NAGAMATU
Vol. E89-D, No. 3 March 2006 A Contour-Based Robust Algorithm for Text Detection in Color Images Details
Yangxing LIU, Satoshi GOTO, Takeshi IKENAGA
Vol. E91-D, No. 9 September 2008 A Contourlet-Based Embedded Image Coding Scheme on Low Bit-Rate Details
Haohao SONG, Songyu YU
Vol. E89-D, No. 2 February 2006 A Convergence Study of the Discrete FGDLS Algorithm Details
Sabin TABIRCA, Tatiana TABIRCA, Laurence T. YANG
Vol. E88-D, No. 12 December 2005 A Coordinator for Workflow Management Systems with Information Access Control Details
Shih-Chien CHOU, Chien-Jung WU
Vol. E88-D, No. 3 March 2005 A Data-Driven Model Parameter Compensation Method for Noise-Robust Speech Recognition Details
Yongjoo CHUNG
Vol. E89-D, No. 4 April 2006 A Definitional Question Answering System Based on Phrase Extraction Using Syntactic Patterns Details
Kyoung-Soo HAN, Young-In SONG, Sang-Bum KIM, Hae-Chang RIM
Vol. E88-D, No. 5 May 2005 A Deformable Fast Computation Elastic Model Based on Element Reduction and Reconstruction Details
Shinya MIYAZAKI, Mamoru ENDO, Masashi YAMADA, Junichi HASEGAWA, Takami YASUDA, Shigeki YOKOI
Vol. E89-D, No. 3 March 2006 A Design of AES Encryption Circuit with 128-bit Keys Using Look-Up Table Ring on FPGA Details
Hui QIN, Tsutomu SASAO, Yukihiro IGUCHI
Vol. E88-D, No. 5 May 2005 A Dialogue-Based Information Retrieval Assistant Using Shallow NLP Techniques in Online Sales Domains Details
Harksoo KIM, Choong-Nyoung SEON, Jungyun SEO
Vol. E88-D, No. 7 July 2005 A Digital Filter for Stochastic Systems with Unknown Structure and Its Application to Psychological Evaluation of Sound Environment Details
Akira IKUTA, Hisako MASUIKE, Mitsuo OHTA
Vol. E88-D, No. 7 July 2005 A Discriminant Analysis Based Recursive Automatic Thresholding Approach for Image Segmentation Details
Bing-Fei WU, Yen-Lin CHEN, Chung-Cheng CHIU
Vol. E89-D, No. 2 February 2006 A Distributed Backup Routes Mechanism for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Details
Ying-Hong WANG, Chih-Chieh CHUANG, Chih-Feng CHAO
Vol. E91-D, No. 12 December 2008 A Distributed Stream Multiplexing Architecture for Multi-Chip Configuration beyond HDTV Details
Vol. E89-D, No. 2 February 2006 A Domain-Based Model for Efficient Measurement of Network Information on Grid Computing Environments Details
Chao-Tung YANG, Po-Chi SHIH, Sung-Yi CHEN
Vol. E91-D, No. 4 April 2008 A Dynamic Control Mechanism for Pipeline Stage Unification by Identifying Program Phases Details
Jun YAO, Shinobu MIWA, Hajime SHIMADA, Shinji TOMITA
Vol. E89-D, No. 1 January 2006 A Fast and Accurate Algorithm for Matching Images Using Hilbert Scanning Distance with Threshold Elimination Function Details
Li TIAN, Sei-ichiro KAMATA, Kazuyuki TSUNEYOSHI, Haijiang TANG
Vol. E89-D, No. 3 March 2006 A Fast Fractal Image Compression Algorithm Based on Average-Variance Function Details
ChenGuang ZHOU, Kui MENG, ZuLian QIU
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