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Vol. E90-D, No. 12 December 2007 A Method for Reinforcing Noun Countability Prediction Details
Ryo NAGATA, Atsuo KAWAI, Koichiro MORIHIRO, Naoki ISU
Vol. E89-D, No. 7 July 2006 A Method for Tuning the Structure of a Hierarchical Causal Network Used to Evaluate a Learner's Profile Details
Yoshitaka FUJIWARA, Yoshiaki OHNISHI, Hideki YOSHIDA
Vol. E91-D, No. 3 March 2008 A Method of Locating Open Faults on Incompletely Identified Pass/Fail Information Details
Vol. E89-D, No. 3 March 2006 A Microcalcification Detection Using Adaptive Contrast Enhancement on Wavelet Transform and Neural Network Details
Ho Kyung KANG, Yong Man RO, Sung Min KIM
Vol. E89-D, No. 5 May 2006 A Mobile-Care System Integrated with Bluetooth Blood Pressure and Pulse Monitor, and Cellular Phone Details
Ren-Guey LEE, Chun-Chieh HSIAO, Chun-Chung CHEN, Ming-Shiu LIU
Vol. E89-D, No. 1 January 2006 A Model Based Estimation Method of Rigid and Non-rigid Face Motion for Artificial Reality Details
Juho LEE, Hyun Seung YANG
Vol. E89-D, No. 4 April 2006 A Model for Detecting Cost-Prone Classes Based on Mahalanobis-Taguchi Method Details
Hirohisa AMAN, Naomi MOCHIDUKI, Hiroyuki YAMADA
Vol. E91-D, No. 1 January 2008 A Model of Computation for Bit-Level Concurrent Computing and Programming: APEC Details
Takashi AJIRO, Kensei TSUCHIDA
Vol. E90-D, No. 10 October 2007 A Model of Discourse Segmentation and Segment Title Assignment for Lecture Speech Indexing Details
Kazuhiro TAKEUCHI, Yukie NAKAO, Hitoshi ISAHARA
Vol. E88-D, No. 8 August 2005 A Model of On-line Handwritten Japanese Text Recognition Free from Line Direction and Writing Format Constraints Details
Masaki NAKAGAWA, Bilan ZHU, Motoki ONUMA
Vol. E90-D, No. 10 October 2007 A Model-Based Learning Process for Modeling Coarticulation of Human Speech Details
Jianguo WEI, Xugang LU, Jianwu DANG
Vol. E90-D, No. 1 January 2007 A Modified Generalized Hough Transform for Image Search Details
Preeyakorn TIPWAI, Suthep MADARASMI
Vol. E90-D, No. 12 December 2007 A Modified Soft-Shape-Context ICP Registration System of 3-D Point Data Details
Jiann-Der LEE, Chung-Hsien HUANG, Li-Chang LIU, Shin-Tseng LEE, Shih-Sen HSIEH, Shuen-Ping WANG
Vol. E90-D, No. 5 May 2007 A More Robust Subsampling-Based Image Watermarking Details
Chih-Cheng LO, Pao-Tung WANG, Jeng-Shyang PAN, Bin-Yih LIAO
Vol. E88-D, No. 9 September 2005 A Multi-Agent Framework for Conflict Analysis and Negotiation: Case of COTS Selection Details
Tom WANYAMA, Behrouz H. FAR
Vol. E89-D, No. 2 February 2006 A Multicast Based Anonymous Information Sharing Protocol for Peer-to-Peer Systems Details
Baoliu YE, Minyi GUO, Jingyang ZHOU, Daoxu CHEN
Vol. E91-D, No. 10 October 2008 A Multi-Code Compression Scheme for Test Time Reduction of System-on-Chip Designs Details
Hong-Ming SHIEH, Jin-Fu LI
Vol. E90-D, No. 12 December 2007 A Multipath En-Route Filtering Method for Dropping Reports in Sensor Networks Details
Mun Su KIM, Tae Ho CHO
Vol. E89-D, No. 5 May 2006 A Multiple-Layer Self-Organizing Wireless Network Details
Hyunjeong LEE, Chung-Chieh LEE
Vol. E89-D, No. 2 February 2006 A Multi-Projector Display System with Virtual Camera Method for Distortion Correction on Quadric Surface Screens Details
Masato OGATA, Hiroyuki WADA, Kagenori KAJIHARA, Jeroen van BAAR
Vol. E90-D, No. 7 July 2007 A Multi-Scale Adaptive Grey World Algorithm Details
Bing LI, De XU, Moon Ho LEE, Song-He FENG
Vol. E89-D, No. 7 July 2006 A Multi-Stage Approach to Fast Face Detection Details
Duy-Dinh LE, Shin'ichi SATOH
Vol. E90-D, No. 2 February 2007 A Network Address Translation Approach to the Inbound Session Problem in Private Networks Details
Ming-Deng HSIEH, Hung-Chun CHANG, Chien-Chao TSENG, Tsan-Pin WANG
Vol. E90-D, No. 6 June 2007 A Network Analysis of Genetic Algorithms Details
Hiroyuki FUNAYA, Kazushi IKEDA
Vol. E88-D, No. 5 May 2005 A Network Game Based on Fair Random Numbers Details
Masaru KAMADA, Kaoru KUROSAWA, Yasuhiro OHTAKI, Shusuke OKAMOTO
Vol. E88-D, No. 8 August 2005 A New Algorithm for Silhouette Detection in Volume Objects and Its Parallelization Details
Hyun CHIN, Rudrapatna S. RAMAKRISHNA
Vol. E91-D, No. 4 April 2008 A New Approach for Personal Identification Based on dVCG Details
Jong Shill LEE, Baek Hwan CHO, Young Joon CHEE, In Young KIM, Sun I. KIM
Vol. E90-D, No. 2 February 2007 A New Approximation Algorithm for Computing 2-Restricted Disjoint Paths Details
Chao PENG, Hong SHEN
Vol. E91-D, No. 4 April 2008 A New Caching Technique to Support Conjunctive Queries in P2P DHT Details
Vol. E90-D, No. 1 January 2007 A New Coding Technique for Digital Holographic Video Using Multi-View Prediction Details
Young-Ho SEO, Hyun-Jun CHOI, Jin-Woo BAE, Hoon-Jong KANG, Seung-Hyun LEE, Ji-Sang YOO, Dong-Wook KIM
Vol. E88-D, No. 2 February 2005 A New Conic Section Extraction Approach and Its Applications Details
Vol. E90-D, No. 11 November 2007 A New Curve Control Function for the Detection of the Brain Ventricle Area Details
Chul Ho WON, Dong Hoon KIM, Jyung Hyun LEE, Sang Hyo WOO, Yeon Kwan MOON, Jinho CHO
Vol. E89-D, No. 8 August 2006 A New Design of Polynomial Neural Networks in the Framework of Genetic Algorithms Details
Dongwon KIM, Gwi-Tae PARK
Vol. E88-D, No. 10 October 2005 A New Detection Approach for the Fingerprint Core Location Using Extended Relation Graph Details
Vol. E91-D, No. 7 July 2008 A New Dimension Analysis on Blocking Behavior in Banyan-Based Optical Switching Networks Details
Vol. E89-D, No. 7 July 2006 A New Efficient Stereo Line Segment Matching Algorithm Based on More Effective Usage of the Photometric, Geometric and Structural Information Details
Ghader KARIMIAN, Abolghasem A. RAIE, Karim FAEZ
Vol. E90-D, No. 11 November 2007 A New Framework for Constructing Accurate Affine Invariant Regions Details
Li TIAN, Sei-ichiro KAMATA
Vol. E89-D, No. 3 March 2006 A New Fusion Based Blind Logo-Watermarking Algorithm Details
Gui XIE, Hong SHEN
Vol. E88-D, No. 11 November 2005 A New Iris Recognition Method Using Independent Component Analysis Details
Seung-In NOH, Kwanghyuk BAE, Kang Ryoung PARK, Jaihie KIM
Vol. E90-D, No. 11 November 2007 A New Meta-Criterion for Regularized Subspace Information Criterion Details
Yasushi HIDAKA, Masashi SUGIYAMA
Vol. E89-D, No. 5 May 2006 A New Method for Low-Capture-Power Test Generation for Scan Testing Details
Xiaoqing WEN, Yoshiyuki YAMASHITA, Seiji KAJIHARA, Laung-Terng WANG, Kewal K. SALUJA, Kozo KINOSHITA
Vol. E88-D, No. 7 July 2005 A New Multistage Comb-Modified Rotated Sinc (RS) Decimator with Sharpened Magnitude Response Details
Gordana Jovanovic DOLECEK, Sanjit K. MITRA
Vol. E89-D, No. 6 June 2006 A New Question Answering System for Chinese Restricted Domain Details
Haiqing HU, Peilin JIANG, Fuji REN, Shingo KUROIWA
Vol. E91-D, No. 4 April 2008 A New Scan Power Reduction Scheme Using Transition Freezing for Pseudo-Random Logic BIST Details
Youbean KIM, Kicheol KIM, Incheol KIM, Hyunwook SON, Sungho KANG
Vol. E89-D, No. 9 September 2006 A New Two-Phase Approach to Fuzzy Modeling for Nonlinear Function Approximation Details
Wooyong CHUNG, Euntai KIM
Vol. E90-D, No. 11 November 2007 A New Ultrasonic Oscillosensor and Its Application in Biological Information Measurement System Aided by Fuzzy Theory Details
Yuya KAMOZAKI, Toshiyuki SAWAYAMA, Kazuhiko TANIGUCHI, Syoji KOBASHI, Katsuya KONDO, Yutaka HATA
Vol. E88-D, No. 7 July 2005 A New Unified Lossless/Lossy Image Compression Based on a New Integer DCT Details
Vol. E89-D, No. 10 October 2006 A New Vertex Adjustment Method for Polygon-Based Shape Coding Details
Byoung-Ju YUN, Jae-Soo CHO, Yun-Ho KO
Vol. E88-D, No. 10 October 2005 A Nonlinear Principal Component Analysis of Image Data Details
Vol. E89-D, No. 3 March 2006 A Non-stationary Noise Suppression Method Based on Particle Filtering and Polyak Averaging Details
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