An Integrated and Collaborative Approach to Art for Life: The Impact of Environmental Forces on our Lives

Jeffrey L. Broome, Monica Broome


While the Art for Life model of authentic visual arts instruction is receiving continued attention from higher educators working in preservice preparation programs, it has yet to be determined how such a program may work in public school classrooms. This article details the collaboration between a fifth grade teacher and a professor of art education as they create and co-teach an Art for Life inspired instructional unit with specific emphasis placed on the interdisciplinary possibilities provided by the approach. The resulting thematic unit concentrates on the impact of environmental forces on our lives, and integrates the subject areas of visual art, science, and language arts within its curricular framework. The article concludes with a discussion of the successes and failures of the instructional unit and offers suggestions to those who may be interested in exploring an integrated approach to the Art for Life model.


arts integration; interdisciplinary instruction; instructional collaboration; Art for Life

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