Enhancing Teacher Preparation Through Intergenerational-Based Service-Learning

Karin Tollefson-Hall, Wlliam Wightman


Like most art teacher preparation programs throughout the United States, practicum experiences that have pre-service students conduct classroom observations and deliver instruction to public school aged students are an integral component in our art education program. The addition of a service learning program at a local retirement community, as an alternative site for teaching, has contributed to substantial growth and understanding of art education as a lifelong learning process for our students and the residents whom they teach. Supported by both theoretical and practical concerns, this program addresses the inherent value of an intergenerational arts-based experience in a non-traditional art education setting. Intended as an outcome of service- learning, this teaching experience exemplifies contemporary art education practice(s) designed around the complexities associated with a 21st century art education.


art, art education, service learning

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