Art and Art Education in the Multicultural Society of South Korea

Yoonjung Kang


The purpose of this article is to examine how the goals and practices of multicultural art education in South Korea may be expanded in order to address current issues related to cultural diversity in society. In traditionally homogenous South Korea public communication and multicultural education have focused on the need for culturally different “others” to assimilate, an approach that has failed to cultivate understanding and tolerance in students. Art education may be a tool to rectify this disparity. Incorporating contemporary South Korean art that reflects cultural diversity issues can play an important role in educating students about cultural diversity, since art reflects and offers new perspectives on social/cultural realities. As a barometer of society, then, such contemporary art, in the context of more meaningful art education, can help art educators to address current challenges associated with cultural diversity in South Korea. By cultivating greater awareness of the self and “other” within societal and global contexts, art educators can help prepare South Korean students to live in their increasingly multicultural society.


multicultural education; cultural diversity; art; art education; South Korea

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