On the Shoreline Dynamics of Russian East Arctic Seas During the Cenozoic

A P. Puminov, Y. P. Degtyarenko


It is possible to recognise four major Cenozoic regressive-transgresstve cycles along the coast of eastern Arctic Russia. Direct morphological and sedimentological evidence of old shorelines is abundant both as raised and submerged forms. Relic barrier and lagoon facies have been located on the shallow shelf, forming complex on- and offlap facies assemblages. In places evidence has been disturbed by recent tectonic activity. Changes in sea-level are also reflected in aggradation-degradation stratigraphic sequences in coastal valleys and terraces. It is postulated that the most recent sea-level cycle is as yet unfinished, and will culminate in a transgression 2,000 yrs from now.


Barrier facies; coastal valley; lagoon facies; old shorelines; regressive-transgressive cycle; sea-level cycle; terrace

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