Geomorphology of Dungeness Spit, Washington, USA

Maurice L. Schwartz, Paolo Fabbri, R. Scott Wallace


Since 1855, Dungeness Spit has prograded to the northeast at 4.4 m/yr, with a net shoredrift rate on the order of 14,200 m3/yr. Net shore-drift direction varies with fetch, developing through time and space an unusual spit complex. Tidal currents in the channel between the two lagoon segments attain velocities of 56 cm/sec on the flood and 60 cm/sec on the ebb. A gravel lag deposit is found within the channel, mud within the central lagoon regions, and sand near the spit and mainland shore.


Barrier beaches; coastal geomorphology; Dungeness Spit; net shore drift; sediment analyses; spits; Strait of Juan de Fuca; tidal currents; Washington State

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