Annotated Bibliography of Soviet Papers on Quaternary Shorelines and Sea-Level Changes, 1983-1986

Andrey O. Selivanov


This bibliographical list continues the previous one, which covered the 1978-1982 period (see: USSR, in: Annotated Bibliography of Quaternary Shorelines, fourth supplement, by H.G. Richards, et al. Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue 2, Autumn 1986).

Investigations were coordinated by the Soviet National Working Group of the Project-200 IGCP Sea-Level Correlations and Applications. This bibliography is prepared by the Secretary of the Working Group, Dr. Andrey O. Selivanov and edited by the Leader of the Group, Professor Paul A. Kaplin.

Some papers on the problem appeared in the following volumes in Russian:

Age and Genesis of Shelf Overdeeping and River Valleys History, 1984. Moscow: Nauka Publishing House (abbreviated AGSO);

Geology and Geomorphology of Shelves and Continental Margins, 1985. Ed. by M.N. Alekseev. Moscow: Nauka Publishing House (abbreviated GGS);

Geochronology of the Quaternary Period. Abstracts All-Union Conference Moscow, November 18-21, 1985 (abbreviated GQ);

Peculiarities and Regularities of Land Water Formation, 1986. Ed. by R. Klige, I. Zektser. Moscow: Water Problems Institute Academy Science USSR. In two volumes (abbreviated PRLW).

A dozen papers and reports appeared in English in The Journal of Coastal Research (Coastal Education and Research Foundation, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA).

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