Permeability Effects on Irregular Wave Runup and Reflection

Nobuhisa Kobayashi, Daniel T. Cox, Andojo Wurjanto


Six small-scale test runs were conducted to examine the detailed spectral and time series characteristics of irregular wave reflection and runup on 1:3 rough impermeable and permeable slopes. The permeability effects reduced the average reflection coefficient and significant runup as was observed by a number of researchers. The permeability effects on irregular wave reflection were found to reduce the reflection coefficient fairly uniformly over the wind wave frequency range. The permeability effects on irregular wave runup were found to reduce the low frequency wave components significantly. The measured runup distributions in the range of the exceedance probability greater than approximately 0.02 were represented by the Rayleigh distribution fairly well.



Irregular wave; runup; reflection; permeability; breakwaters; experiment

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