The "All Hallows' Eve" Coastal Storm-October 1991

Robert E. Davis, Robert Dolan


An extreme Atlantic coast northeast storm that occurred in October, 1991 resulted in major damage along the entire eastern coast of the United States. The storm originated over the south-central United States, progressed northeastward. and intensified south of Newfoundland. It strengthened 88 it combined with the remnants of Hurricane Grace. producing one of the strongest northeasters in the last 50 years. Our wave hindcast analysis for Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, indicates that this storm generated significant deep-water waves 1.5 m or higher for 114 hours with maximum significant wave heights of 10.7 m (35 feet)-higher than the infamous "Ash Wednesday" storm of March, 1962. The fetch extended over 3,500 km from Newfoundland to south of Miami, Florida.



Wave hindcast; storm climatology; storm waves; extratropical storms; northeasters

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