Quantification of Changes in Seabed Topography with Special Reference to Hansthal Creek, Gulf of Quantification of Changes in Seabed Topography with Special Reference to Hansthal Creek, Gulf of Kachchh, India

S.S. Pattanshetti, Onkar S. Chauhan, K.M. Sivakholundu


Variations in the bathymetry in macrotidal Hansthal Creek between 1984 and 1950, along 14 closely spaced lines, are used to quantify the volumetric changes in seabed topography in terms of erosion/ accretion. Two surfaces from the bathymetric data of 1984 and 1950 have been modelled. The profile wise comparison along the transects indicates a dynamic deformation due to distinct alteration in the shoreline and a shift in the channel course. The shoreline has retreated 650 and 450 m on the northern and southern banks respectively. The studies suggest scouring of horizontally deposited fine sediments (clays deposited in an antecedent depositional phase) in the Hansthal Creek due to existing dynamic equilibrium among (a) influence of physiography in amplifying the tidal range, (b) increased efflux due to contribution through inter-creek water movements, and (c) high magnitude currents. Magnitude of erosion in the creeks, particularly on the flanks, is much more than in the axial channel. The degree of the erosion reduces from the Hansthal Creek mouth to inland (area in the close vicinity of Little Gulf of Kachchh). During the last 34 years about 71.5 x 106m3 of sediments were eroded from Hansthal Creek, of which 12.9 x 106m3 were redeposited leading to a net loss of 58.6 X 106m3 from this creek during the course of the present study. Offshoreward movement of scoured sediments and their redeposition in the outer gulf as a fill in the paleo-channel is observed.



Gulf of Kachchh; Hansthal Cree; shoreline changes; bathymetry; erosion; accretion

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