Identification of Erosion-Accretion Regimes Along the Tamilnadu Coast, India

Usha Natesan, S. P. Subramanian


India has a long coastline extending over a distance of 6,000 km and Tamilnadu state constitutes a considerable length of it. Shoreline changes over a decade along Tamilnadu on the southeast coast of Indian have been studied and the results are presented in this paper. Berm crest data collected at 22 stations spread out along the entire study area have been analysed to demarcate eroding and accreting sites, and the rate of erosion/accretion over a decade for each site is determined. It is concluded that the shoreline of Tamilnadu has a dominant emergent aspect.



Shoreline changes; erosion; accretion; Tamilnadu Coast; India; berm crest

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