Reply to: Marques and Andrade (1993) Journal of Coastal Research, 9(4), 1129-1135, Re: Discussion of Dias, J.M.A. and Neal, W.J., 1992

J.M. Alveirinho Dias, W.J. Neal


We have read MARQUES and ANDRADE'S (1993) lengthy discussion of DIAS and NEAL (1992) with interest, and some confusion as to their exact main points of contention; given that they seem to disagree with much of our presentation. DIAS and NEAL (1992) applied the cliff profile analysis method of EMERY and KUHN (1982) to a reach of cliffed coast between Olhos de Agua and Quinta do Lago (Ancao); presented a general cliff retreat model based on field observations; and divided the study area into 3 zones based on cliff types, measured short-term cliff retreat, and human impact on the cliffs, including examples.

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