Sediment Budget and Equilibrium Beach Profiles Applied to Renourishment of an Ebb Tidal Delta Adjacent Beach, Mt. Maunganui, New Zealand

G. A. Foster, T. R. Healy, W. P. de Lange


An ebb tidal delta adjacent beach was nourished by placement of dredged material in water depths of 4-7 m below Chart Datum. The beach and nearshore were subsequently monitored with accurate integrated beach-nearshore surveys along 7 transects. All the nourishment material could be accounted for by onshore movement resulting in 89 m3 m 1 of accretion within 15 months of placement. Application of the Dean's Equilibrium Beach Profile model, before, during and after disposal, indicated that before nourishment the beach-nearshore profiles exhibited a deficit of sediment throughout their length. After nourishment, the profiles adjusted towards the equilibrium profile predicted by the model.


Beach nourishment; volume analysis; Dean's Equilibrium Reach Profiles

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