Rejoinder to: Hearty, P.J. and Kindler, P., 1994. Reply-Straw Men, Glass Houses, Apples and Oranges: A Response to Carew and Mylroie's Comment on Hearty and Kindler (1993). Journal of Coastal Research, 10(4), 1095-1105.

James L. Carew, John E. Mylroie


This rejoinder is written to address a few of the issues raised in HEARTY and KINDLER'S (1994) reply to our discussion (CAREW and MYLROIE, 1994) of their 1993 paper on the geology of San Salvador Island, Bahamas (HEARTY and KINDLER, 1993). We stand by our comments (CAREW and MYLROIE, 1994) on HEARTY and KINDLER (1993), and we do not wish to engage in a lengthy and point by point rebuttal of their reply (HEARTY and KINDLER, 1994). However, there are several issues raised and questions posed by them (HEARTY and KINDLER, 1994), that we feel compelled to address.

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