Differential Vertical Crustal Movements Deduced from Late Holocene Coral-Rich Conglomerates: Farquhar and St. Joseph Atolls (Seychelles, Western Indian Ocean)

P. A. Pirazzoli, P. A. Kaplin, L. F. Montaggioni


Petrological analysis and radiometric dating of samples collected from coral-rich conglomerates in two remote Seychelles atolls suggest differential emergence (1.2 m in Farquhar, 0.8m in St. Joseph) since the almost simultaneous deposition of the conglomerate material, about one thousand years ago. This confirms that tectonically the Seychelles area was relatively unstable during late Quaternary times, as already suggested by a previous study.


Coral reef; petrological analysis; atoll; Seychelles; Indian Ocean; sea level; vertical movements.

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