Global Environmental Trends and Probable Impacts on the Coasts of South American Mid-Latitudes

Miguel Angel Gonzalez


This note indicates the conflicting evidence that is emerging concerning the rise in global CO and the possible greenhouse effect. Holocene data, for example, suggest that cooling cycles are marked by higher volcanic activity and tectonism in the northern hemisphere, though reversed in the South. Changing centrifugal force distribution can also lead to alteration to the upwelling-downwelling ocean systems. Changing solar emissions have been ignored by model workers. There is no evidence that the Antarctic ice sheet is likely to melt. This removes the "Sword of Damocles" from the coastal zone, but the changing wind systems, if a warming trend develops, would have important effects on the Atlantic mid-latitudes of South America.


Greenhouse effect; Holocene wind systems; longshore drift; sea-level rise; volcanism and climate

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