Discussion of: Bauer et al. 1996. Indeterminacy in Aeolian Sediment Transport Across Beaches. Journal of Coastal Research, 12(3), 641-653.

A. W. Sam Smith, Matthew L. Stutz


We should very much like to support the authors' proposition “… that the problem of aeolian sediment- flux prediction, as conventionally conceptualized, is indeterminate for situations other than the simplist ones ... ," for that is also exactly our experience down here on the Gold Coast of Australia. Over the years we have often been attracted by the idea of mounting windblown sand measuring exercises like those reported by the Authors, but apart from a very small experiment where we collected windblown sand particles on sticky-tape (Matthews et al., in press ) each time we have done nothing simply because the problem of aeolian transport is so indeterminate.


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