Discussion of: Dockal, J. A., 1995. Evaluation of an Apparent Late Pleistocene (25-40 Ka BP) Sea Level High Stand: An Artifact of a Greatly Enhanced Cosmic Ray Flux of ~ 60 Ka BP. Journal of Coastal Research, 11 (3), 623-636.

Miguel A. Gonzalez


The paper of DOCKAL (1995) is welcomed because it implies a new point of view to the old problem concerning 14C ages ranging between 25 and 40 Ka BP for a sea level higher than predicted by the classic Oxygen Isotope Curve (OIC). It is a ‘breath of fresh air' to people like me, that have several 14C dates in this time span, for a sea level ranging between + 4m and + 16 m a. s. I., between 33° to 41° South, on the Argentine Atlantic littoral.

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