Discussion of: Wang, P.; N.C. Kraus, and R.A. Davis. 1998. Total Longshore Sediment Transport Rate in the Surf Zone: Field Measurements and Empirical Predictions. Journal of Coastal Research, 14(1), 269-282.

Matthew L. Stutz, Orrin H. Pilkey


WANG, KRAUS, and DAVIS (1998) measured surf-zone longshore sediment transport rates using streamer sediment traps at 29 beaches along the southern U.S. Gulf and Atlantic shorelines. Longshore transport was measured during three to five minute intervals, and the results were  extrapolated to obtain the annual total longshore transport rates (TSLT). Simultaneously, they observed breaking wave characteristics and calculated the longshore transport rate using the CERC longshore transport formula (USACE, 1984).

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