Preliminary Investigations of the Recent Foraminifera of Baiona Bay, N.W. Spain

I. Alejo, W. E. N. Austin, G. Frances, F. Villas


Foraminiferal studies provide a key to understanding the dynamics of a shallow marine environment from Baiona Bay, N.W. Spain. Preliminary data describing the foraminiferal distributions and associated physical and oceanographic setting are presented. A new species list is provided for this region, which includes both autochthonous and allochthonous elements. Foraminiferal distributions within the bay are related to a number of measured environmental variables which include: water depth, exposure to wave activity, current velocities, sediment grain size, and sediment composition. The biofacies distribution appears to be closely related to the sediment input pattern into this bay.


Benthic foraminifera; littoral environment; wave pattern; current pattern; sediment distribution.

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