Discussion of: Lisa E. Wells, 1996. The Santa Beach Ridge Complex, Journal of Coastal Research, 12(1), 1-17.

D. H. Sandweiss, K. A. Maasch, D. F. Belknap, J. B. Richardson III, H. B. Rollins


We have read the paper "The Santa Beach Ridge Complex" by Lisa E. Wells (1996) with great interest, and we congratulate Wells for calling attention to important, if controversial, issues. As we have carried out research on these ridges over the last 16 years (SANDWEISS et al., 1981, 1983; SANDWEISS, 1986; MOSELEY et al., 1992), we would like to comment on several areas of disagreement between Wells and ourselves which are critical to understanding the chronology and mechanisms of ridge formation in northern Peru.

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