The Ebro Delta: Morphodynamics and Vulnerability

Augustin Sanchez-Arcilla, Jose A. Jimenez, Herminia I. Valdemoro


The aim of this paper is to provide an assessment of a vulnerability concept for real deltaic "applications" using the latest available knowledge on processes and dynamics for the Ebro delta. The building blocks are the morphodynamic components, which are presented in terms of field observations, supplemented by numerical predictions at three time scales, and the vulnerability concept, which is quantified in terms of resilience and susceptibility using the morphodynamic information. The approach is then illustrated (in conceptual and quantitative terms) at long- medium- and episodic-time scales. The paper concludes with a discussion of the application of the vulnerability indices and how to use this knowledge on processes for more complete deltaic management.


Ebro delta; Spain; vulnerability concept; delta management

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