Hillsboro Inlet and the Lighthouse: One Hundred and Fifteen Years of Change

David F. Butler, Raymond McAllister


Hillsboro Inlet is one of many natural inlets along the Florida Atlantic Coast. The first documented map of Hillsboro Inlet in its present location was made in 1884. The inlet changed in 1890 with completion of the Florida East Coast Canal. The Hillsboro Lighthouse was constructed in 1905-1907. Early maps, photo records and written documentation have been used to describe the changes in 115 years. Gradual stabilization of the inlet by manmade structures from 1925 to 1966 are described. Dredging since 1983 has provided 100 percent sand bypassing. Future planned changes to deepen the inlet channel from 8 feet to 20 feet are described.


Dredging; sand bypassing; inlet stabilization; taxing district

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