Towards a New Chronostratigraphic Method Based on the Marine Sediment Radioactivity Variation

I. Liritzis, R. B. Galloway, B. Lykousis, G. Chronis, Ch. Anagnostou


Sediment radioactivity (alpha and beta particle counting) from six cores from the Aegean and Ionian seas shows apparent variation identified with certain palaeoclimatic features during the Holocene and the last glaciation. The discussion of the radioactivity variation, the dating of the cores, the estimated sedimentation rates, and the palaeoclimatic recognition, is corroborated by the geotechnical properties of the sediments, some AMSC-14 dates, core inter-comparison, and correlations with proxy climatic data.


Sediment; radioactivity; Aegean; uranium; spectrum; alpha counting; beta counting; palaeoclimate; Holocene.

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