Vol 18, No 4 (2002)

Journal of Coastal Research

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Red Flags on the Beach, Part III PDF
James H. Balsillie


Beach Morphodynamics and Clam (Donax Hanleyanus) Densities in Buenos Aires, Argentina PDF
Silvia C. Marcomini, Pablo Penchaszadeh, Ruben A. Lopez, Diego Luzzatto
A Review and Re-assessment of Sediment Transport along The Goa Coast, India PDF
Pravin D. Kunte, B. G. Wagle, Yasuhiro Sugimori
Waves and Currents During a Winter Cold Front in the Mississippi Bight, Gulf of Mexico: Implications for Barrier Island Erosion PDF
Timothy R. Keen
Historic Shoreline Change at Lake Tahoe From 1938 to 1998 and its Impact on Sediment and Nutrient Loading PDF
Kenneth D. Adams, Timothy B. Minor
The Boulder Barricade at Cap a la Baleine, North Shore of Gaspe Peninsula (Quebec): Nature of Boulders, Origin and Significance PDF
Jean-Claude Dionne
Near-Shore Circulation in the Lower Florida Keys PDF
Patrick A. Pitts
Tidal Hydrodynamics in a Multiple-Inlet Estuary: Apalachicola Bay, Florida PDF
Wenrui Huang, H. Sun, S. Nnaji, W. K. Jones
Resilience and Stability in an Offshore Benthic Community: Responses to Sediment Borrow Activities and Hurricane Disturbance PDF
Martin Posey, Troy Alphin
Integration of Mathematical Modeling and Multicriteria Methods in Assessing Environmental Change in Developing Areas: A Case Study of a Coastal System PDF
G. Arhonditsis, M. Karydis, G. Tsirtsis
Iron-Coated Quartz as a Provenance and Paleoclimatic Marker in the Rhone Delta, France PDF
Jean-Daniel Stanley, Thomas F. Jorstad
Horseshoe Crab (Limulus polyphemus) Reproductive Activity on Delaware Bay Beaches: Interactions with Beach Characteristics PDF
David R. Smith, Penelope S. Pooler, Robert E. Loveland, Mark L. Botton, Stewart F. Michels
Processes Controlling the Remobilization of Surficial Sediment and Formation of Sedimentary Furrows in North-Central Long Island Sound PDF
L. J. Poppe, H. J. Knebel, R. S. Lewis, M. L. DiGiacomo-Cohen
Species Richness and Diversity of Brackish and Salt Marshes in the Rio Grande Delta PDF
Frank W. Judd, Roberto I. Lonard
Sand Volume Change and Cross-shore Sand Transfer, Mangawhai Beach, New Zealand PDF
D. Murray Hicks, Malcolm O. Green, R. Keith Smith, Andrew Swales, Ron Ovenden, Jeremy Walsh
Consequences of Sediment Discharge from Dune Mining at Elizabeth Bay, Namibia PDF
G. Smith, G. Mocke, R. van Ballegooyen, C. Soltau
An Application of LIDAR to Analyses of EI Nino Erosion in the Netarts Littoral Cell, Oregon PDF
David L. Revell, Paul D. Komar, Asbury H. Sallenger Jr.
Bar Formation Under Breaking Wave Conditions: A Laboratory Study PDF
Cyril Dulou, Max Belzons, Vincent Rey
Picture Essay of the Ireland Coast PDF
Duncan M. FitzGerald, Ilya V. Buynevich, Daniel F. Belknap, Joseph T. Kelley, William J. Cleary, Walter A. Barnhardt, Elizabeth A. Pendleton, Julia F. Daly, Allen M. Gontz, Julia M. Knisel, Anna K. Kelley

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Coastal Education and Research Foundation

Book Reviews

Muddy Coasts of the World: Processes, Deposits and Function by T. Healy, Y. Wang, and J.A. Healy, (eds.) PDF
Richard Soulsby
Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry: International Journal edited by Ioannis Liritzis PDF
Rhodes W. Fairbridge
Oceanographic Processes of Coral Reefs: Physical and Biological Links in the Great Barrier Reef edited by Eric Wolanski PDF
Pamela Hallock


Honors: Dr Per Bruun PDF
Terry Healy

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Dan Covello

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