Effect of Liquid Nutrient Culture, Vacuum Distillation and Dialysis on Hatching Activity of Sugar Beet Root Diffusate for Heterodera schachtii

A. E. Steele, J. M. Fife


Roots of sugar beets grown in liquid culture excrete substances that stimulate egg hatch and emergence of larvae from cysts of Heterodera schachtii. Their hatching effect is comparable to that of sugar beet root diffusate leached from soil-grown sugar beet plants. Consequently, liquid culture provides a way of obtaining H. schachtii hatch-stimulant free of contaminants from soil. Root diffusate, concentrated 50-fold or dried by vacuum distillation, retained hatching activity. The active principle of diffusate is dialyzable with a diffusion rate between those of inorganic salts and compounds with molecular weights greater than 15,000.

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