A Taxonomic Review of the Genera of the Aphelenchoidea (Fuchs, 1937) Thorne, 1949 (Nematoda: Tylenchida)

W. R. Nickle


This generic level taxonomic review of the nematode superfamily Aphelenchoidea is based upon a study of specimens from 24 of the 28 described genera. The diagnoses of these genera are presented, and some are emended with new information. One new genus, Huntaphelenchoides, and five new combinations are proposed. The families Paraphelenchidae and Anomyctidae are placed in synonymy with Aphelenchidae and Aphelenchoididae, respectively. The genera Asteroaphelenchoides and Pseudaphelencboides are placed in synonymy under the genus Aphelenchoides. Rare male and/or female specimens of Peraphelenchus, Anomyctus, Laimaphelenchus, Aphelenchus, Cryptaphelenchoides, Megadorus, Tylaphelenchus, and Entaphelenchus, are redescribed and illustrated. Four plates, containing 106 original drawings of the males, females, stylets, and spicules of representatives of 22 aphelenchoid genera, are presented. Key Words: Taxonomic review, Aphelenchoidea.

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