Crop Rotation Effects on Population Densities of Ectoparasitic Nematodes

V. R. Ferris, R. L. Bernard


The influence of rotation crop species on population densities of ectoparasitic nematode species common to soybean and corn fields of the North-Central region of the USA was studied for 5 years in 16 field blocks rotated to corn, soybeans, oats, wheat, and forage mixtures. Each block was sampled each year between mid-July and mid-August. High populations of Helicotylenchus pseudorobustus were maintained in all crops, especially corn. Tylenchorhynchus martini and Xiphinema americanum also developed with all crops, but a second year of corn depressed densities of both species. Paratylenchus projectus densities were high on soybeans and on forage consisting primarily of legumes. Key Words: Corn, Soybeans, Oats, Wheat, Forage, Helicotylenchus pseudorobustus, Tylenchorhynchus acutus, Tylenchorhynchus martini, Xiphinema americanum, Paratylenchus projectus.

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