The Genera of the Subfamily Heteroderinae (Nematoda: Tylenchoidea) with a Description of Two New Genera

W. M. Wouts, S. A. Sher


The family Heteroderidae, its two subfamilies Heteroderinae and Meloidogyninae and the nominal genera of Heteroderinae (Heterodera Schmidt, 1871; Meloidodera Chitwood, Hannon & Esser, 1956; and Cryphodera Colbran, 1966) are rediagnosed. Meloidoderita Pogosyan, 1966 is considered a genus inquirenda. Two new genera from southern California are described in the subfamily Heteroderinae. A key to the genera, illustrations and a phylogeny of the Heteroderinae are proposed. Key Words: Heteroderidae, Heteroderinae, Meloidogyninae, Heterodera, Meloidodera, Cryphodera, Meloidoderita, Sarisodera n. gen., Atalodera n. gen., Taxonomy, Phylogeny, Key.

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